6 Incredible Ways To Surprise Your Beloved Woman And Make Her Happy


Nearly every girlfriend or wife loves a surprise that shows how much they are appreciated and loved by their other half. Whether it is her birthday, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or you just want to express your love and say thank you, a romantic surprise is a great way to break up a routine and refresh your relationship. 

A romantic surprise for your special one does not have to cost an arm and a leg, in fact, some gestures and actions do not cost a thing, such as taking an interest in their hobbies, assisting with chores, giving compliments, cooking together, or leaving them fun notes and love letters. 

Ways To Surprise Your Woman And Make Her Happy

There are other fun, interesting, and exciting ways to surprise your girlfriend or wife, which may be more costly but still affordable to most. To help you guys out there wanting to surprise your loved one, here is a list of six ideas likely to impress them. 

Get Her Jewelry

Occasions such as a proposal and a wedding will of course require rings and maybe even other jewelry such as necklaces. Jewelry, whether it be a bracelet, necklace or ring is a very personal gift that often has a statement of commitment attached to it or represents how much the relationship is valued. 

Although engagement rings may be expensive and impractical to wear every day, other jewelry such as personalized necklaces like those at Haverhill.com make for a lighter-weight option. Necklaces can easily be customized to include something personal such as initials.  

Another great idea can be sterling silver chains for women, which are versatile and can be worn daily or dressed up for special occasions. Sterling silver chains come in a variety of styles to suit any personal preference.

To avoid any awkward disappointment and probably having to return the jewelry it is best to first consider what kind of jewelry your partner would really like. Of course, to keep the element of surprise you cannot ask directly, however you can get some clues from her fashion choices. The questions to ask yourself before hitting the shops are:  

  • What jewelry does she usually wear? 
  • What is her favourite piece of jewelry? 
  • What type of jewelry does she prefer?
  • What style of clothes does she wear? 
  • Is there any jewelry she really needs? For example, something for more formal occasions. 

Choosing the right piece of jewelry for your partner will be much easier and faster after taking note of the above. 

Book a Surprise Holiday

Probably one of the most exciting surprises for your partner is an impromptu getaway. Even though travel can be complicated nowadays, planning a surprise vacation can be a real boost to any relationship, providing time to relax and reconnect with each other. 

There are several things to consider and do when planning a surprise holiday, these include: 

  • Deciding on a location, make sure it is somewhere you will both enjoy. If your partner loves the beach then go on a beach holiday. 
  • Checking her passport is valid
  • Making sure she can get time off work. Planning a fake trip and then changing locations at the last minute will ensure she has no work plans. 
  • Choosing when to reveal the location. To give your girlfriend or wife time to pack and prepare for a trip you may want to tell her the destination a day or so before. 

Organize a Spa Day

    Booking a spa trip is one great way to surprise your partner and give her a chance to get a time out from her busy schedule. A day at the spa with your other half is a relaxing and romantic way to destress and unwind together. 

    Take Her Out for Dinner

    Reserving a table at a fancy restaurant for a romantic dinner can be a well-received gesture. Of course, choosing the right restaurant is important here as you want her to enjoy the food and atmosphere. Before calling to make a booking, it is worth making sure you know your partner’s tastes and read some reviews of the restaurant. 

    Ways To Surprise Your Woman And Make Her Happy

    Cook a Romantic Dinner for Two

    Sometimes cooking a romantic dinner at home is a grander gesture for those who are more comfortable staying home or appreciate the effort and care put into cooking. The secret to preparing and cooking a romantic dinner is choosing dishes your partner loves, putting effort into decorating the table and selecting the right drinks to accompany the meal. 

    Surprise Her With a Gift

    Getting a gift for your partner, either big or small, is a superb way to express your feelings for them. Before splashing any cash on a gift you should think about what she wants or needs, a gift doesn’t always have to be jewelry but could also be something useful she needs to make her life easier or more enjoyable. 

    In Conclusion

    Surprising your partner can be simply done with a romantic gesture whether that be buying jewelry or gifts, booking spa days or holiday, or planning a romantic dinner for two. 

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