Spring Wedding Venues in Saskatchewan

If you’re planning a spring wedding, check out these beautiful venues in Saskatchewan!

What place do you envision celebrating your wedding day in the spring with your family and friends? Is the image you have in mind of a rustic country club with a large crowd? Are you picturing yourself and your fiancee at a mountain retreat with a small group of those you hold dear? 

When there are so many venues to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. Therefore, we’ve listed the best wedding venues in Saskatchewan, Canada for spring weddings!

Spring Wedding Venues in Saskatchewan


There is nothing better than a nautical-themed wedding if you are in love with the sea. Boats of all sizes can be rented for your wedding, from small boats to larger ones, and you can choose the one that best suits your wedding style. In any case, it will be a pleasure to spend the day on the water!

Country Clubs:

When you want an upscale or classic celebration for your special day, you might want to consider a country club. In many clubs, there are banquet rooms, so if you are planning to have a wedding, you will have plenty of space. There are many clubs that offer catering services as well!

Saskatchewan wedding venues don’t get much more idyllic than the country clubs here. With lush grounds, lush greens and beautiful views, these venues provide a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding day. The banquet rooms provide plenty of space for a large guest list, and the catering services available make it easy to provide a delicious meal for your guests. Whether you’re looking for a casual outdoor ceremony or an elegant indoor reception, you can find the perfect setting at a Saskatchewan country club.


Weddings at a resort in a location that is romantic is one of the best ways to make your big day even more special. Plan an intimate dinner the night before the party to welcome your guests to the party. With a stunning background to set the scene, you will be able to celebrate your marriage long into the night with your nearest and dearest. Many of your friends and family will have a blast at your wedding, and it will be like a vacation for them!

Farms & Barns:

Your list should definitely include a barn if you’re planning to decorate your wedding location in a rustic style. They’re fantastic because they’re usually outside of cities, and their style adds tons to ambiance and style. Also, barns are usually spacious, so you can have a lot of guests.


An ideal location for casual outdoor gatherings is a park. A hike in a national park or one that is close to your home can be a great experience, but don’t forget to obtain a permit if you need one! In many Saskatchewan town parks, there are covered patios and picnic tables that you can reserve for use as reception seating if you are looking for something more than just an exchange of vows.

Wineries & Vineyards:

A spring wedding venue list would not be complete without a winery. Most wineries can be found outside of cities in beautiful countryside areas with tons of natural light, which is one of the most important factors in the growth of grapes. Usually, wineries have on-site venues for weddings, and your loved ones will be able to taste the wines the day before or after your big day.


Do you remember going to summer camp as a child? Is there a chance that you might have met your future spouse at a camp? It’s time to get back to the camp and celebrate!

Considering the fact that camps are used for gatherings, space is almost never an issue at camps. Additionally, some camps enjoy hosting weddings for a whole weekend of fun. Oh, and did we mention that the camps are in gorgeous spots? You get it all!

Historic Mansions & Estates:

In the event you’re looking for a wedding that is elegant and timeless, or if you’re inclined toward an old-fashioned feel, you might want to consider tying the knot at a historic estate or a country estate. In Saskatchewan, there are quite a few of them, and they are usually both indoors and outdoors, depending on the season.


When it comes to choosing a greenhouse for your garden event, there is no doubt that it is the right choice! Plants and flowers are always plentiful in greenhouses, and some of them provide indoor venues for ceremonies and receptions. It’s usually just as good outside!

Sports Stadium:

If you’re an avid sports fan, you might want to check out a stadium or two! Both professional and college sports stadiums offer a variety of options when it comes to hosting weddings. Additionally, these venues are usually large and spacious, so they can accommodate a wide range of events. In addition, you will also have the chance to take pictures on the field!

In Conclusion

Planning a spring wedding in Saskatchewan involves many factors, but the wedding venue is one of the most important. Consider the options listed above when planning your spring wedding!

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