Important Tips on Organizing Your Bathroom Cabinets

Struggling to keep your bathroom cabinets organized? These tips will help you declutter and organize your bathroom in no time!

Being the most frequently used room in the house, bathrooms can easily turn into a mess. The vanity units, medicine cabinets, and under-the-sink areas need the most attention to keep it looking organized. The key is to spend some time decluttering and reorganizing your bathroom cabinets, only keeping the items you more frequently use and removing what’s not necessary. 

In this post, we are going to share a step-by-step process to organize your bathroom cabinets without spending a lot of time.

Important Tips on Organizing Your Bathroom Cabinets

Step By Step Process to Organize Bathroom Cabinets

Step 1. Take a few moments to carefully review their contents and discard anything that is past its expiration date, has been damaged, or simply isn’t of use anymore. It will maximize space and make room for the items you need most.

Step 2. Organize items into three categories: those to keep, those that are possibly recyclable or to be disposed of responsibly, and finally, goods you no longer need that could help someone else. So, you can consider donating them.

Step 3. You can group each item in different groups. Group your prized possessions into distinct groups. You will have to think carefully about what each item means to you and put them in order based on that.

Step 4. Once all the items are put into different groups, the next step will be to vacuum the drawers of your bathroom cabinets. You will need to make sure that all dirt is completely removed from the drawer. 

Step 5. Now put it in any shelf liner, or you can simply find an organizer at a nearby store. It will pull together everything you supply to make an organized look. 

Step 6. Now it’s time to restock your item. Place each item in its designated space one by one until it’s all done.

Step 7. That’s as simple as that; you can enjoy your beautifully clean and organized bathroom cabinets. 

Emptying Bathroom Cabinets Before Cleaning

It is almost always a good idea to completely remove everything from your bathroom cabinets before you start reorganizing and cleaning them. That way, you can make sure that each item gets the attention it needs.

Removing The Stuff, You Don’t Need

Don’t forget to keep a trash bag nearby. In addition to that, keep a separate bag for items that are still usable but that you don’t want to keep. You can donate all of these items. A third bag can be a recycling bag that can be used for recyclable items. Now you can simply start organizing the items one by one while making sure each item goes into the appropriate bag. 

Grouping The Similar Items 

After placing everything into the recycle, trash, and donation bags, you will only have items that are for daily use. After you know everything that you will need to keep, it’s time to group all these items based on their use. For example, you can group them into the following categories before placing them in the bathroom cabinets:  

  • Hair Care Items. You can keep hairbrushes, combs, hair dryers, and straighteners in this category.
  • Oral Hygiene. You can place tooth care items that include toothbrushes, paste, flossing, mouthwash, etc. in this category. 
  • Shaving. You should place everything related to shaving in this category. These include shavers, razors, refills, lotions, etc. 
  • Skin Care. It is another category for which you will have various skincare items, which include creams, lotions, makeup deodorant, body sprays, etc. 
  • Makeup. You may also want to keep some basic makeup items in your bathroom cabinets. These include brushes, cotton, makeup removal, eyelashes, etc.
  • Soaps and Shampoos. You may want to keep backup soaps and shampoos in the cabinet too.
  • Cleaning. From toilet rolls to the floor and other types of liquid cleaners must-have items in the bathroom. 

Cleaning Bathroom Cabinets and Relocate Items

Now you have grouped all the items together. Your first step now is to clean the cabinet drawer and put it back in its place. Clean them thoroughly with a gentle cleaner and a soft cloth. This will help to ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from dirt and dust before you start organizing your items. You may also want to put an organizer inside the cabinet and keep every item within its category. Once you are done, it is now possible to put everything back into place.

Also, when rearranging your bathroom cabinets, consider how often you use each item. Try to keep any items that you use on a daily basis close at hand, while less frequently used items should be stored further away or in harder-to-reach locations. Doing this will ensure that you have easy access to the things you need without having to rummage through an unorganized mess!

Finally, always remember to use labels. Labeling will help you easily identify what belongs in each section of the drawer and make it easier for anyone else who needs to access the drawer. Additionally, this will also help you keep your bathroom cabinets organized over time. 

In Conclusion

Ultimately, with a little bit of planning, patience, and organization tips like those mentioned above, organizing your bathroom cabinets can be a breeze! And when you have everything neat and tidy in its place, you’ll appreciate being able to find items quickly without having to search through a cluttered cabinet. Good luck on your journey towards a better organized bathroom cabinet!  Happy organizing!

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