6 Important Things a Maid of Honor Should Do for the Bride

 The bride exclusively chooses her maid of honor—this choice is often a close relative or good friend. Most brides pick their best friends or dearest sisters to be their maid of honor. As a maid of honor, you got a lot on your hands. The role comes with its unique responsibilities. 

6 Important Things a Maid of Honor Should Do for the Bride

You initiate the events that constitute a big part of the bride’s last memories as a single lady before that big day. You also play an essential role in helping the bride enjoy her big day. Amongst the numerous duties of the maid of honor, there are a few crucial to giving the bride an ideal send-off from spinsterhood.


The choice of picking an ideal wedding dress might be confusing for a bride. The excitement of tying the knot is unsettling enough, and this can impact her choice. Your input based on your knowledge of what she likes and her imaginations for the day can be helpful pointers for a perfect selection. You must ensure that the accessories match her lovely dress. And helping her select the bridesmaid attires both the colors and designs. This is one of the maid of honor responsibilities. Do not get angry as you would have to deal with many confusing decisions from the bride. You must help her make the right choices.


This party is considered the final hangout of the bride with her ladies as a single lady. After the big day, she no longer has the freedom to party like she used to with friends. So, this party must be one to remember. Your duty as the maid of honor is to make this party as memorable as ever. It is best to have a destination party so the bride can feel free and have fun. It must be relaxing and entertaining enough to take her mind slightly away from the pressures of the big day. It can also be a list of activities that run through the day. Some hints include visiting the spar, getting a massage, a dance rehearsal to build confidence, etc.


As the name implies, bridal showers are showered with gifts, advice, and love. She is permitted to ask questions, talk about her fears and enjoy companionship with her family and friends. They also get to be naughty and share intimate secrets about the realities of marriage. You must pick the ideal location for this and also prepare the program for such an event. You also get to invite the friends the bride would love to see. No bride forgets her bridal shower, so if you need help planning the event, ask questions.

6 Important Things a Maid of Honor Should Do for the Bride


As the maid of honor, you are the hand of the bride. You are the first point of call, her assistant, and thus, she must have your ears at all times. She might require that you do some menial tasks or pass information to people at some point, so be the proud errand girl. It is just for a day, and she deserves special treatment, so be nice. She would need assistance in many ways, including using the restroom, touching up her make-up, dabbing her sweat, etc. You have to make sure she is always in shape and in the right state of mind.


The maid of honor is the leader of the pack of bride’s maids. As the honored maid, you get to join the bride in choosing her bridesmaids. You also pick the attire, its color, and design for the main event. The maid of honor makes sure the ladies know what they would need. She also helps to eliminate the stress of getting them together for the big day. Some brides, however, already have ideas on the dresses they want their bride’s maids. But your input and support are always helpful. 


Most brides get emotional on their wedding days. Emotional outbursts can include crying uncontrollably. It can be considered tears of joy or the sadness of separation from family and loved ones. As they experience these pour out of emotions, you need to be there to help get them back in shape. Make sure the make-up artist is close by and that she does not smear makeup on their beautiful wedding dress. The bride might also be hungry during the event, so make sure she gets fed. Many issues upset a bride on her wedding day,  and as the maid of honor, you have to help her stay calm.

6 Important Things a Maid of Honor Should Do for the Bride

Other roles might include taking the toast or opening the dance floor with the bride and groom. Most brides need a bit of motivation to get their groove on that day. If you can dance, don’t hesitate to be the life of the party. 

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