Inspire Play and Creativity with Crayola

It’s summer! The kids are out of school or will be out of school soon and you’re at your wits end of what you’re going to do. Sure they can play outdoors but what happens when the weather is 100 degrees out or it’s pouring outside. You want to stay cool and you certainly don’t want to get wet, although to be honest with you, playing in the rain can be lots of fun. While I love the great outdoors, there are days when however I would much prefer to be indoors. When those days come around there’s nothing better I love doing that drawing my Picasso work of arts. If you have little ones at home, here are a five ways you can inspire play and creativity.

1. Give them a space to be themselves.

Mommy recently designated a play area for me. This space is all mine. Before I would play in my room and while I had a play room, my brothers took it over since the computer was there. Kids need somewhere to call their own. A place where they can be themselves and be kids. She also gives me lots of time to do what I want to do, within reason of course. There I have the Crayola My First Art Table & Chair Set which has space to contain everything I would need to be creative. Don’t invade your child space after telling them to enjoy themselves and try to control what they do. That brings us to tip #2.

2. Let them Be!

Don’t try and tell your child what he/she should write/draw/read etc. Let them do what they would like to do with their time. Sometimes parents micromanage every detail of their childs life, remember its your child’s life and not yours. Encourage without being overbearing. Sometimes too much causes your child to shut down and all your “so called hard work” would have been for nothing.

3. Have a stack of paper, markers and crayons available

This speaks for itself. Have you ever noticed how kids get into their own world when they’re drawing or painting? While you may be worried about them writing on your walls with permanent markers or crayons don’t be. I recently received a gift package from Crayola and I couldn’t be happier. Included were mess free markers which is only visible on special paper. Your son or daughter’s greatest masterpiece will be made right here. And don’t forget to give it a place of honor on your refrigerator showing them how pleased you are with their work.

4. Expose to kids to different experiences

One thing that mommy does every summer is take us to different places around our state. Exposing your children to experiences doesn’t have to be expensive. It can be a trip to a new playground, a memorial park or even to the local zoo or even a restaurant. Your child can experience a new culture by going to a Japanese restaurant, or a blast from the past by visiting a local museum. You can make it a learning experience by pointing out the differences.

5.  Forget about the electronics, get back to basics

As I mentioned before, simple crayons, markers, pen and paper is sometimes all your child needs. You can even get a jump rope and have your child go outside and play. Sidewalk chalk is amazing during the summer. Get them out the house, away from the electronics and get their creative juices up and running. They’ll thank you for it.

Check out Crayola for arts and craft supplies, free coloring pages and more for your little ones this summer. Also visit One Step Ahead where you can get your very own Crayola My First Art Table and Chair Set. The set includes two Crayola inspired chair, storage bin to hold all your art supplies and a bonus chalk/dry erase board. Lots of space on top to hold all your crayons and markers as well. Beautifully built and designed it’s sure to inspire play and creativity!

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Let’s discuss: What way’s do you inspire creativity or play in your own children? 

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