What Happens If You Stop Working On Your SEO Entirely

Wondering what would happen if you stopped doing SEO altogether? This post outlines the potential consequences.

One of the most common (and costly) misconceptions about SEO is that once you’ve achieved high-ranking results and you are making money via higher conversion rates through your website, you can stop working on your SEO and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

This is not the case. 

In this article, we’re going to tell you exactly what happens when you stop working on your SEO entirely. 

What Happens If You Stop Working On Your SEO Entirely

SEO is a marathon – not a sprint 

The best way to think about SEO is like a marathon – a long, loooong marathon with a finish line that is forever getting further away.  

You can’t sprint to the finish line and rest; you have to keep moving. Continually pushing forward and striving to remain ahead of the curve. 

Take the Miami Grand Prix as an example: What would have happened if you were taking part and you decided to pull your car over and have a snooze? All the cars behind you would have zoomed past you!

Before long, you’re all the way at the back of the pack, and you have to drive faster and harder in order to catch up again. 

SEO works the same way. 

It might not happen all at once; you might be fortunate enough to maintain certain rankings for a long time; however, invariably, they will start dropping off. 

You have to remain relevant 

Another important thing to remember about SEO is that it’s a broad and complicated field. Your SEO agency will be doing so much more than simply building links and monitoring your website’s vitals. They’re writing share-worthy blog posts about trending topics, fixing broken links and amending old articles, making new optimizations in accordance with the latest Google algorithm updates, and so much more. 

More importantly, they’re keeping you relevant. 

The key to a successful online marketing strategy is keeping your brand in front of potential customers

When you stop SEO, you’ll slowly be communicating with your audience less and less. 

The goalposts are always moving 

As briefly touched on, Google is constantly upgrading its algorithm, which means that its ranking criteria evolve as well. 

When you stop working on your SEO entirely, unless you are actively keeping an eye out for any new changes in ranking criteria and making the necessary amendments in-house, much of the hard work that you’ve already put into your SEO will likely be going to waste. 

Google values ‘freshness’ (and so do your audience) 

When you stop moving, you stagnate. It’s not so dissimilar from giving up on your exercise routine. You’ll have more trouble sleeping, you’ll put on weight, and everything will begin to feel rather “meh.” 

Google is picky and only wants to rank the websites that regularly put in the effort to look after themselves. When you stop, you’ll soon fall out of favor. 

So, get down to Miami’s famous 5th St. Gym and start sculpting that body of yours (aka, get back to working hard on your SEO)!

You’ll never realize your full potential 

Many businesses make the mistake of stopping their SEO right before they’re about to start seeing a very attractive return on their investment. 

Yes, it takes time for the results to take hold, however, once you are up and running and you maintain a healthy pace, things really can and do start to grow exponentially. 

It’s all about finding the perfect SEO company to outsource to. 

If you have lost faith in SEO and no longer see the value, we recommend that you contact a reputable local agency and air your concerns. The best Miami SEO company will be able to put your mind at ease, share some genuine case studies and testimonials, and start elevating your business to even greater heights.

In conclusion

it’s important to remember that, just like anything else in life, SEO requires ongoing commitment. If you stop investing time and energy into your online presence and visibility efforts, you will quickly start to see the effects on your rankings. Keep moving forward or risk being left behind! 

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