15 Ways to Reuse your IPSY Glam Bags


Are you in love with IPSY and the Glam Bags you receive each month but have no idea what to do with them? No need to worry, I’m here to share with you 15 ways you can reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags in your everyday life.

I was a subscriber of IPSY for over a year and currently have many of their Glam Bags just laying around, and since they’re such pretty bags, I decided instead of just throwing them out, why not find some practical uses for them.

If you’ve never heard of IPSY before, they’re a monthly beauty subscription service curated for you based on your beauty quiz answers. Every month, you’re sent five deluxe-sized beauty samples, from makeup to haircare, all in an adorable glam bag. The subscription itself is reasonably priced at only $13 for a $50 value, but it can be hit or miss with the samples you receive.

If you’d prefer to have a more personalized bag, then there’s the option of the Glam Bag Plus which comes with 5 full-sized products, but you do have the opportunity to choose one of the products; however, the Glam Bag Plus comes at a price of $28, but you receive over a $120 worth products.

I, however, recently canceled my IPSY subscription because the items I received weren’t working for me. Although I had given my profile description, I would still receive items that weren’t a fit. Things such as “shampoo for blonde hair,” and I’m obviously not blonde; makeup that didn’t match my skin tone; etc. I kept them in the hope that they’d get better, and I just love the Glam Bags I received, but it just wasn’t a good fit for me. So how do you reuse your Glam Bags? Here are 15 ways you can reuse your IPSY Glam Bags.

Ways to Reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags


I’m more of a credit/debit card carrier, but there are times when I do take the necessary cash with me. That means that there are times when I have change, but coins always leave my wallet looking bulky, and I tend to leave it behind once I get in the house. One way to store them is in my IPSY Glam Bag. I stash them there, and I can pick them up quickly if I need to. If you’re one who likes dumping your coins out at the end of the day or shopping trip, use your Ipsy Glam Bag as a place to keep them in.


Do you have loyalty cards to numerous stores but would prefer not to have them all in your wallet? Just as with your change, loyalty cards can make a wallet bulky and unsightly. Consider storing them in an IPSY Glam Bag. Now you can simply take out the ones you need when you need them and keep the others safe. This way, you’ll always know where they are.


Having a daughter with natural hair means that I have tons of hair supplies. From headbands, bobby pins, scrunchies, rubber bands, and even beads, there are hair supplies everywhere. Well, there used to be. Generally, Madison’s rubber bands would come in a little plastic bag, and once they were opened, they were pretty much everywhere. Now instead of them being in a drawer, on the dresser, or even on the bathroom counter, I simply keep them in an IPSY Glam Bag, and now they can be easily located when needed.

Ways to Reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags


For those who wear contacts, you can use these bags to keep your supplies together. Your contact case, eye drops, and contact solution even an extra set of contacts. For those who wear the same prescription for both eyes, you could also store them in one of the larger Glam Bags as they do come in various sizes.


Do you have samples that you receive in the mail that you simply toss in a drawer? Storing them in an IPSY Glam Bag keeps your samples in one place. You can use a separate bag for different sample assortments. Keep your perfume samples in one bag, makeup samples in another, etc.


As a mother, anything that can happen usually does when it comes to my kids. Whenever we go anywhere, I always make sure to have a personal first aid kit with me. This includes pain relievers, bandaids, Neosporin, and hand sanitizer. This way, if it’s ever needed, I’ll have it handy, as they fit seamlessly in my handbag in their own IPSY Glam Bag pouch.

Ways to Reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags


If you’re traveling for a weekend or even a week, your IPSY Glam Bag is the perfect way to take your travel-sized hygiene products along with you. Since TSA’s regulations only allow 3 oz. sized products, you can pack your mouthwash, toothpaste, body wash, toothbrush, and any other essentials that you may need, including pads and tampons for women.


Just as you would your personal travel items, the Glam Bags are a great way to store your makeup. Makeup powder, toner, foundation, concealer, brushes, and even lipsticks. If you’d rather not bring full-sized containers, these Glam Bags are ideal for bringing along travel sizes. It’s a great way to not have to go digging in the bottom of your bag when you’re looking to do a minimal touch-up.


Now there’s no need to purchase pencil cases for the kids when you have an IPSY Glam Bag. These make adorable pencil cases, and you can even separate them by pencils, pens, and markers if you have a few bags lying around.

Ways to Reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags


For those crafters, you can use a bag to store your stitch markers, progress keeps, a darning needle, and all your little novelties you need to keep your project moving along.


Did you receive gift cards for the holidays or your birthday? Why not keep them all together in a Glam Bag? Or maybe you want to give a gift card as a gift. These also make great gift card holders as well to present as gifts.


When I designed my business cards, I wanted someplace to keep them so that when I needed them, I’d know where they were. These keep my business cards together, and now I simply grab the entire bag when I need them and toss it into my handbag. It keeps my bag organized and all my business cards in one place.

Ways to Reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags


Looking for a way to store your jewelry when you travel? Then an IPSY Glam Bag is the way to go. I’ve personally taken my earrings and rings off and would prefer not to have them on the hotel dresser. Storing them in a Glam Bag, then putting them in the hotel safe gives that added bit of security knowing they’re all in one location. It’s also a great way to take other jewelry with you if you need to, instead of a big jewelry box, which makes it look too obvious. The one thing you don’t want to do when on vacation is make things look too obvious for a thief.


I don’t do candy in my household, but I know many who do and use it as treats for the kids. If you’re going on a trip to the zoo or even to the park, your IPSY Glam bags can be used to store healthy snacks for the kids. Keep one in your purse or car, so they’re always available when needed.


I was the mom who would always ask, “Where are the nail clippers?” but no more. I now keep my Glam Bag stocked with nail clippers, files, and even nail polish. Keep a few around the house so that each person can have their own. Or keep one in your bag; you never know when you’re going to need to use it.

Ways to Reuse your Ipsy Glam Bags

Now, these ways also count if you’re a Macy’s Beauty Box subscriber as well, as they also send a bag with their subscription, so if you’ve been wondering how to reuse your Macy’s Beauty Bags, these ways will work as well. There are many other ways you can reuse these bags, such as using them as wallets because they do make cute wallets, but we hope the ideas we shared will have you rethinking tossing your Glam and Beauty Bags.

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