Healthy and Nutritious Snacks That You Can Easily Prepare for Your Kids

There’s something about snacks that we can’t get the last of. The problem is that most snacks are considered unhealthy and are widely accepted as treats a few times a year. But some other snacks can be pretty healthy, and you can serve your kids. 

Generally, kids would rather have snacks than have other forms of meals any day. But you can use snacks as treats for when they are done with their food. The snacks need to be healthy and nutritious if you are to give them to your kids. 

Here are some of the nutritious and healthy snacks that you can easily prepare for your kids. 

Healthy and Nutritious Snacks for Kids

Fruit Pizza

Pizza doesn’t have to be the same old, junk-based pizzas that you are used to. You can turn it all on its head and have a new idea of snacks that your kids will enjoy. For this type of pizza, you can use a mini whole-wheat tortilla as the crust. 

Why the small tortillas? Since you are preparing this for your kids, you need to make it easy to eat. With the small tortillas, it will be much easier for the kids to consume. You can then let the kids spread the cream cheese on the shell. 

For the topping, you can have all manner of fruits that you can get out there. You can use raspberries, banana slices, kiwi, and strawberries. You can also let the child help you while you cut the big fruits into smaller pieces. 

It will be a great learning platform, and they’ll also learn to eat their veggies and have several fruits as favorites. Click on and find out more on how to engage kids in the process. The snacking will be worth the whole idea in the end. 

Apple Slices and Peanut Butter

When your child munches on peanut butter, there are two basics that you have covered with regards to a healthy diet. It, peanut butter, will give your child both proteins and fat – it’s also favorable for them. 

To prepare this snack for your child, you need to cut the apple into small consumable pieces. For a little bit older kids, you can supervise them as they cut the apples themselves. You then spread peanut butter on the slices. 

They can also spoon a serving and then dip the apples into the butter as they eat. You can add variety to this type of snack by swapping apple slices with celery, crackers, and pretzel rods. Every peanut butter snack time will be one to watch out for, for your kids. 

Mini Cucumber Sandwiches

Another healthy snack that you can easily prepare for your kids is the mini cucumber sandwiches. Have your kids chop the cucumber as you supervise them. The slices should be used in the place of bread for this snack. 

The kid should be left to choose what they want in this sandwich. You need to have tomatoes, cream cheese, sliced cheese, thinly sliced carrots, and lean deli meat. They can choose from the list what they want to add to their sandwich – they can choose.

This will be a great way to help your child experiment with different flavors. 

Veggies and Dip

Here’s you need to slice the veggies early enough if you are to pull this off. It would help if you filled a small tin with celery sticks, broccoli, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, cooked mini potatoes, cucumbers, and cauliflower. Then you need to add little tubs of hummus and ranch – you can also use other dips. 

You can then have the dip and the veggies stored in the fridge. Anytime that your kid needs snacks, they can take it out and have a bit. Also, seek to replenish the supply so that they never run out. 

Veggies and Dip

Yogurt Parfait

It’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t love colorful yogurt parfaits. What you want to do when preparing this is to have the yogurt in a clear bowl – you can also use a clear cup for this. The kid can then add extra layers of fruits that they enjoy.

The fruits that the child can add to the yogurt are blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or strawberries. You can also add a little peanut butter to the mix, but that’s only for kids who will enjoy it. The kid should be allowed to pick the order in the whole concept that goes into the bowl. 


Not all snacks are wrong as they are paraded to be. There are several healthy snacks that you can easily make for your kids. Suppose you didn’t have any ideas of where to start from. Here are a few that you can go with.

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