Something Broke In The Kitchen? You Can Fix It!

The kitchen is a room that sees a lot of heavy use throughout its lifetime; after all, where else would you be able to cook up a storm in the evening to feed your entire family? Not to mention the amount of appliances and energy usage that stems from the kitchen alone! All in all, you’re going to be in the kitchen at least five times a day, and during those times, all manner of things could happen.

Most specifically, something could get broken. In the kitchen, there’s a lot of potential for breakages – any one of your appliances could go down, or a bowl or plate could smash into pieces, and then what are you left with? A big mess and an inconvenience, but don’t worry! You can learn to fix it!


A lot of things can go wrong with the fridge, and if push comes to shove, it might be a lot cheaper for you to look into repair parts rather than buy a whole new fridge that the budget just doesn’t account for!

But in the meantime, make sure you’re aware of a few things. Make sure the door to your fridge is nice and tight in the way it opens and closes – if not, you might need a new gasket. Replace a shelf if it’s cracked, and always pull the fridge out once a month to make sure dust isn’t building up around and potentially in the plug.


The oven will most often just need a good cleaning out! A weird burning smell whenever you turn it on? Your cleaning solution can be made out of home ingredients!

Start with the stove on the surface of the oven, if it’s waist height in your kitchen and comes as an all in one model. Scrape off burnt food from the hobs themselves, and then move on to the inside of your oven – you could even make gentle use of a sharp knife for this. Then mix some baking soda and water together, until it’s thick enough to be applied to the walls of the oven and let sit, preferably overnight. In the morning, wipe and scrub it all out!


The dishwasher can be a bit tricky to try and diagnose, and most of the time, you merely need to reposition the pots inside so the arm can spin. But first of all, you’ll want to focus on the door again. Is it hanging properly? Is it attached securely to the front of the dishwasher? Is it loose on one side? If so, it’s time to unscrew and replace the door hinge; videos like this one could help you out with this project, and get you up and running.

Fixing something in your kitchen will often simply require a bit of cleaning, and then a bit of elbow grease to push things around and put them back into place. Don’t worry; you’ll soon be a DIY expert!

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