5 Unique Destinations To Visit With Kids

Unique Destinations to Visit With Kids

 Finding a suitable destination for your next holiday that suits both the young and the grown-ups is no easy task. Traveling with kids has its list of troubles, but choosing a great spot can make things smooth for you. Here is a list of five unique destinations that will please the kids and older adults alike.    


Unique Destinations To Visit With Kids


North Island in New Zealand may not be famous for towering mountains, but the place is a must-visit for people who love dramatic scenery. Youngsters will like the North Island for its enthralling offerings such as Rotorua’s sulfur stink, the bubbling pools at the Coromandel Peninsula, and Waitomo’s glowworm caves. 

Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, is situated south of the North Island. The city is famous for its delicacies which draw people of all ages. Kids will particularly like the Wellington-made artisanal ground pea butter and the salted caramel wafers. Adults of the family can taste the city’s seasonal dishes, coffee, and organic wines.

The Twin Coast Highway at North Island that passes through majestic beaches and harbors is known for memorable road trips. The road leads to the Cape Reinga, famous for the meeting spot of two oceans and its link to the local Māori culture. You can enjoy the night scene at the Cape by camping in a rooftop tent.


Kids love colors, and Costa Rica is a place filled with natural hues. The country lures visitors with its diverse wildlife that includes monkeys, colorful birds, and adorable sloths. The landscape is a visual treat with its lush jungles, gorgeous tropical beaches, and scenic hikes. Costa Rica is ideal for family tours as it provides ample adventure opportunities such as zip-lining, swimming below waters, and kayaking. 

The country’s wholesome environment makes it easy for families to participate in group games, interact with the locals, and enjoy the local cuisine. Its capital, San José, is a cultural and entertainment hub. The city’s attractions are the Gold Museum, the National Theater, and the National Museum. The city also has the Children’s Museum that offers an interactive experience to kids. You’ll find special arrangements for kids around the country, like the refreshing wave ride called the “safari float.”  

Unique Destinations To Visit With Kids


Trapped in time, Havana’s declining grandeur still has a lot stored for kids. The city captures tourists’ imagination with colonial-era architectures sitting in the backdrop of colorful vistas. El Malecón, a renowned walkway attached to the ocean, is a great place to stroll with your family. Young ones will enjoy visiting Catedral de San Cristóbal and Old Havana, especially for the open-air bazaars and salsa music.

A famous attraction for kids is the planetarium in the city that takes you through different cosmos phenomena. If your family likes to do picnics in natural spots, Parque Almendares can be a great choice with its expansive greenery known for rowing and playing golf. Interestingly, e-bike tours are also becoming famous on the island.  


Slovenia is not a large country, but it is a brilliant travel destination for families with kids. Maribor, Slovenia’s capital, is a picturesque city situated in the Eastern Alps and offers tourists entertaining activities like canoeing and skiing.

Some unforgettable sights in the city that will keep kids rapt for a long time are the ancient Gothic cathedral and the historic Maribor castle, which also has a beautiful museum. The city is home to the world’s oldest fruit-bearing vine, aged 440 years. 

Glavni Trg, the central square of the city, presents glimpses of Maribor’s history. Here, you can find monuments like the Plague Column, the Town Hall, and Ludwigshof. Kids can enjoy seasonal fruits and treats, such as pastry gibanica in the square market.

Other spots in Maribor that will delight your kids are the 16th century Water Tower, the Piramida, the 12th century Maribor Cathedral, the Maribor Synagogue, Mestni Park, and the National Liberation Museum. The city’s Regional Museum is full of compelling collections and attracts people of all ages.


A family touring with kids and the elderly should choose a serene spot free of environmental hazards. Colorado presents tourists with comfortable weather, clean air, and picturesque views that are seldom found elsewhere. It is home to prairie grasslands, desert landscapes, and rushing rivers. Colorado, the USA’s highest-altitude state, is full of wildlife and natural wonders. Colorado’s cultural richness is exemplified through its mining museum, frontier forts, and dinosaur fossils.    

The state is ideal for people willing to explore scenic outdoors, including manageable heights. Denver is a great starting point to explore the vast state. Alpine lakes and the Rockies are not very far from the mile-high city. Going eastward, you’ll find the Black Canyon at Gunnison National Park. Kids interested in history may visit Mesa Verde, which houses ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings. For enthusiasts, the state has loads of adventure activities like hot springs soak and ice climbing.

Unique Destinations to Visit with Kids

Final Words

Now that you know where you are traveling next with your kids, it’s time to plan the journey. Toddlers can be hard to manage on long journeys. If your kid is old enough, involve him in the planning. Make arrangements to keep them engaged on the way. Keep enough time in your hand as traveling with naughty kids asks for patience and energy. 

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