Tips and Tricks for Going to Disney World with a Toddler

Disney World is a fantastic experience for children and adults alike. However, if you are heading to Disney soon with a toddler like we are, you are going to want to read up on some things that will make your trip a bit more enjoyable. This is going to be Madison’s first year at Disney World and we want it to be an enjoyable one. Those toddler meltdowns aren’t very fun when you’ve paid for planes, hotels, and tickets just to get there. Check out these tips and tricks to keep your toddler going throughout the day.

Stay at an on-site or resort hotel.

This one is pretty simple, spend that extra bit of money to stay at a resort hotel (there are plenty that are affordable) to save yourself from spending too much time getting back to your room. Rather than figuring out how you are going to get to and from the park, choose a resort hotel so that you will be able to take the shuttles provided or even walk depending on which one you stay at.

Plan on using a stroller, even if your toddler doesn’t use one right now.

Your toddler may be past the stroller stage right now, but plan on using one anyway. You will need to have all of your necessities with you for your toddler, as well as drinks, snacks, and somewhere to put the things that you purchase. Your child will be better off being in a stroller rather than walking around the park all day. Without one they will tire fast and you don’t want to have to leave any earlier than planned for the day.

Utilize baby care centers.

At the park there are Baby Care Centers, areas that provide an air conditioned facility that has changing areas, nursing rooms, etc. that anyone can utilize. If your child is getting upset, needs to eat, or just calm down, head to a baby care center where there will be less distractions.

Prevent melt downs.

If you know that your child will get hungry at a certain time, or gets tired at certain times of the day, be sure to plan around it. Just because you are at Disney doesn’t mean that your child won’t need a nap, or will be willing to have a different eating schedule. There are plenty of things that parents can do while children are napping as well.

Check into the rider switch and plan rides.

The rider switch will allow parents with children to go on rides. Instead of waiting in line a second time, the first parent gets off, and the other parent’s gets on the ride, taking turns caring for the toddler who cannot go on the rides. This is a great option if your child is napping that allows you to still have some fun.

Plan your rides as much as possible.

There are many rides that are not toddler friendly, and many that have a 40 inch height requirement. Before you go, plan what rides you would like to go on, and what rides you would like your toddler to go on so that you can try to make it to everything you’d like to see each day at Disney.

For those who have gone to Disney World with their own toddler, what other tips do you have to share? 

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