Getting Your Kids to Help with Your Yard This Fall

Fall is almost here, actually it’s only three days away, and you know what that means. It means tons of leaves all over your yard! Although fall trees are definitely a beautiful sight to behold with their changing colors, having those leaves all over your lawn can be annoying. This fact is made even more frustrating when you’re the only one getting the yard ready for winter. Instead of being frustrated about all of the things you need to do around the yard, you need to recruit help! Here are some great tips for getting your kids to help with your yard this fall.

Make It Fun

Let’s face it. Kids are less likely to want to help if they think it’s boring. Instead of simply assigning yard chores, try making them fun. If you need your kids to help you pull weeds, make it into a game to see who can pull the most. You can even pretend that you’re searching for treasure in your flower bed. By making it fun, your kids are more likely to help out without complaining.

Set a Routine

Instead of asking your kids to help out only once or twice during the fall, set a routine in which they help out every week. By setting a routine, you’re getting your kids used to helping out. They’ll know what to expect each week and pretty soon they’ll be helping out without you needing to ask them.

Reward Them

Rewards are great for getting your kids excited about helping out! Each time your kids complete a chore or task outside, give them a reward. The great thing about using rewards to get your children working is that you don’t even need to spend money on these rewards! You can get creative with ways to reward your children, from letting them play outside a little longer to letting them stay up a few minutes past their bedtime. No matter what the reward is, your kids will be excited to get something special for a job well done.

Let Them Pick a Chore

Your kids are more likely to help out when they get to pick what they want to do. Instead of simply assigning yard chores, make a list of what needs to be done. Your kids can then choose one or two things they’d like to do. You’ll be amazed at how much gets done when everyone picks a few things to help out with!

Getting your kids to help out with the yard this fall doesn’t need to be a battle. Make the chores as fun as possible and give your kids rewards for helping out. By the time winter rolls around, your kids will be looking forward to helping out next fall!

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