My Favorite Toddler iPad Apps

What? A 17 month old has an iPad you ask. Well no not really, I don’t personally own an iPad but my mommy does but you would think that it belongs to me since I use it more than she does. I even have my own category of apps on there bookmarked with my name. I guess that makes it part mine doesn’t it?

Well I’ve been using an iPad for a very long time, before I even knew how to walk. See that picture of me down there? I couldn’t even stand but yet I was interested in everything that was on there. Mommy downloaded my first app and I was in app heaven.

Me at 5 1/2 months already getting into technology

Now I play what’s mine and some of mommy’s games as well. They’re all kid friendly, but mommy doesn’t like it sometimes when I play a few of her games, especially her Family Feud. I do try and help but its not my fault that I can’t type in the answer to help her friends win their fast money round.

These are the apps are supposedly only for me. I’ll tell you about them from left to right.

Fisher-Price makes these amazing apps and the best thing about them is that they are totally FREE. When we say free, we mean free.  Now tell me who doesn’t like free? If you say you do, you’re lying and mommy says no one likes a fibber. Do you know those apps who tell you that they’re free but then want you to pay to unlock certain features, well Fisher-Price doesn’t do that. No way! These are for babies age 6 months and up.

FP Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds: I get to learn the name of the animals and the sounds they make in this app. This also teaches first words and there is a real fun song that goes along when learning as well.

FP Giggle Gang: This one is just silly because it makes me giggle. There are two levels as in all the apps and I get to play on a piano as well. I can even record and listen to myself giggle.

FP Laugh and Learn Let’s Count: This one teaches numbers and counting from 1-10 animals and first words as well. The animation is super cute and its very easy for me to swipe across with my fingers to get to the next animal so I can continue with my counting.

FP Laugh and Learn Shapes and Colors: An easy way for me to learn my shapes and colors with fun interactions and music.

FP Laugh and Learn Where’s Puppy’s Nose?: If you own the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Puppy then this app goes hand in hand with that. This teaches body parts and helped me learn about my nose, ear, eyes, mouth, foot, tummy, hand and head. This is by far my favorite app.

FP Laugh and Learn Puppy Player: This is a new app we downloaded and I get to watch a cute little video. There are 3 animated episodes and 5 animated music video that teach me all about letters, numbers, colors, shapes, animals, opposites, body parts and more. This app more than makes up for all the others if you don’t want to download them all.

Funny Animals for Baby: This one has 3 learning modes where I can play with the animals and even match them to their name and sound. This app develops my auditory, visual and fine motor skills.

Baby Sign – $2.99: Because of my language delay (what language delay? I just don’t feel like talking), mommy decided to download Baby Sign. Mommy thought that this would help me learn to communicate by signing. I’ve learned a few of the signs and I love watching the babies do it while I follow along.

If you’ve been with me from day one or have read most of my posts, you know that I’m learning a foreign language. Oui, oui. It’s definitely not Spanish. Non, non!

These ones help me develop my French language skills.

Little Pim French – $2.99: I am actually using the Little Pim DVD to help me in my quest of learning French so we thought why not download the app for the days when we’re out and about. I can still learn while I’m driving in the car right? So Little Pim has been my constant companion along with Kitty of course. There are other language packs available if French is not your thing. Might I suggest Spanish?

The Little Red Hen: This was free and can be told in both French and English. The words are there along with the story. I’ve never heard the story of the Little Red Hen and enjoyed it immensely.

ABC French Alphabet Puzzles – $1.99: This one is for older kids but mommy thought it was cute. Its all about puzzles. You get to put the puzzles together and when its done a French narrator explains to you what it is.

French For Kids – $3.99:  This app is by far my favorite app for learning the French Language. It contains over 400 commonly used French words including numbers, colors, animals, food, drink, transport and even musical instruments. All you need is a touch and it says what the word is with the sound as well. It can also spell out the word pronouncing each letter in French. This one I most certainly recommend.

Now that I’ve told you all about my favorite apps why don’t you tell me what your favorite is. All apps are available in the itunes app store.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links!

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