Want to Get Better at League of Legends? Here’s What You Can Do

The League of Legends popularly referred to as the League is a 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game. The game was inspired by Defense of the Ancients, a custom map for Warcraft III. It is played in teams that require players to have substantial expertise. Becoming a pro in the League is difficult but not impossible as long as you desire it and are willing to learn and apply the right skills/techniques. Even the best players in the game still have room for improvement. 

As a beginner, taking a glance at the game’s outlook may seem easy to you. Playing the game over time may not necessarily mean that you would become an expert. If you want to get better at the League you can do so by following these useful tips provided below:

Get Better at League of Legends
  1. Open a League of Legends Account

This simply involves purchasing a new League of Legends account that is starting with a lower level or ranking than the player’s actual level of expertise. You can buy League of Legends smurf account to improve your game and to enjoy the game more. Contrary to popular opinion that smurf accounts are being abused by experienced players to troll and crush the new players, you can use it to hone your League of Legends skills.

It also helps you protect your main account while using your smurf account to get better at the game. You can try out new things on the smurf account that wouldn’t be advisable to try on your main account so as to protect the investment you have made over time on your main League of Legends account. You can also use your smurf account to test new tactics and moves which would prevent you from ruining your ranking if tried on your main account.

  1. Put Off Your Autopilot

Do you happen to keep playing the game over and over again? While this may seem like what you should be doing, it may not give you the improvement required to become a pro in the game. Playing again is more or less impulsive but remember you are not just playing the game, the aim is to get better. So rather than playing nonstop, take time to go over the mistakes you made in your first game. 

This will help you avoid making unnecessary moves or taking the stunts you took that caused you to fail in the first place. Take time to relax and have deep reflection before playing the game again. One other thing on point, focus on your development rather than defeating your killer or opponent. This would help channel your energy into the right things. 

  1. Master A Champion

There are hundreds of champions in the League of Legends game and trying to master all would be like hitting the nail in all the wrong holes. In other words, trying to do this may be frustrating and you end up not mastering any of the champions adequately. You should start by picking one champion to master before moving to another one. This will enable you to learn which skills are needed for the champion and the best champions match-up to enhance your game.

Practicing different techniques and builds against different enemies will help you to anticipate how your opponents would likely play. Play a series of rounds with different opponents and watch out for their best and weak point so you can develop a technique against their best leg or to be able to tackle their weak points

  1. Learn From Your Mistakes

There is no player in any game that does not make mistakes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced player or not, mistakes do happen. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes. Try as much as possible to avoid costly mistakes but if it does happen, just learn from it and move on. 

You also don’t have to fix all the mistakes you have made in a game immediately. Take them one after the other and watch yourself improve. After this, you can keep moving on to the next mistake and learning how to put a better foot forward the next time.

Get Better at League of Legends

You can become a pro in the game if you put these tips into practice but do make sure you keep looking for better ways to improve beyond the tips listed above. Don’t forget that it is possible to achieve your dreams of becoming a League of Legends expert if you put your mind to it. 

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