Beauty Trends for the Mature Mom

 I think we all can agree that being a mom is a full-time job. If you juggle work responsibilities on top of taking care of your child, you’re under a lot of pressure, to say the least. Unfortunately, signs of constant stress can be easily seen on your face – dullness, wrinkles, and dark circles under the eyes. Add years passing by and you have a recipe for dehydrated, tired skin. But worry not, we’ve prepared a list of beauty trends that will allow you to achieve a healthy look with little effort.  Time to stop neglecting your needs and focus on self-care.  

Beauty Trends for the Mature Mom

1. Moisturizer

Healthy skin is more important than wrinkle-free skin but why not kill two birds with one stone? No matter what your age is, moisturizer is an essential part of a skincare routine because it gives your skin all the minerals it needs to stay hydrated and maintain a youthful appearance. As we age, our skin produces less collagen and loses elasticity, leaving us looking tired and often older than we are. To battle wrinkles and greyer skin tone, opt for a moisturizer that contains retinol and vitamins C and E. 

2. Sunscreen

This is a trend that’s regrettably not as popular as it should be in the western world where tanned skin is still considered to be the most beautiful. But did you know that wrinkles aren’t only caused by aging but also by the sun? That’s right, UV rays damage the skin and cause premature aging and discoloration. Since UV radiation can penetrate clouds, it’s important to wear it all year round, not only during sunny weather. Find a sunscreen that’s meant to be worn on your face and make sure you put it on even if you use foundation. 

3. Concealer for the Mature Mom

While covering wrinkles might make them stand out more, skin pigmentation can be successfully masked with a concealer designed for older women. A good concealer evens out the skin tone and minimizes the flaws while blending into the foundation. For the mature mom, this means, our skin becomes dry especially around the eyes so make sure the concealer doesn’t have a matte texture that can make crow’s feet more prominent. 

4. Bold Lipstick

Dark-colored lipsticks are very much still in fashion and aren’t only reserved for younger moms. On the contrary, they have more benefits for mature moms as the lip line softens and flattens with age. Bold colour can easily add definition to your lips and bring out plumpness to make you look younger than you are. Plus, growing older means your features are less emphasized and skin can become dull so a bold lipstick is just what you need to bring back vibrancy to your face. 

5. Blush 

Even though wrinkles are usually our biggest concern as we age because they make us look much older, there’s another culprit you should be aware of – skin dullness. Aging makes our skin appear grey and dehydrated which is the complete opposite of youthfulness. Luckily, there’s an easy fix. Adding a bit of blush to your cheeks will remove tiredness from your face and make your skin look radiant, even after a few sleepless nights. 

6. Emphasized Eyebrows 

Just like the hair on your head, eyebrows become grey and thinner with age, adding more years to your appearance than necessary. The solution is an eyebrow pencil. Filling in your eyebrows and adding definition can help bring attention to your eyes and make them stand out more. Pro tip: when you shape your eyebrows make them a bit straighter than usual to achieve a younger look. 

In Conclusion

Beauty routines for the mature mom shouldn’t just be an anti-aging regime. Instead, it should include products that replenish your skin and allow it to achieve a healthy glow, as well as makeup hacks that showcase your features as they already are. Treat yourself to self-care and enjoy a more youthful, healthy look.

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