Planning a Trip to Dubai? 10 Things You Should Remember

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city and has become one of the most visited destinations across the world. Dubai is a must-visit as it has mesmerizing beaches, magical nightlife, and much more. You may even consider Dubai as your exotic escape from the chaos of everyday life. 

Things to Remember When Visiting Dubai

Additionally, there are some myths regarding Dubai and its culture. You need not be a billionaire to visit Dubai. Yet, Dubai’s life can be luxurious. 

However, if it’s your first visit to this Emirate city, then you should prepare yourself for this trip at least months ahead. Here’s what you need to take care of while outlining a visit to Dubai.

Things to Remember When Visiting Dubai

1. When to Visit

Yeah, it’s not a hill station; still, you need to be quite specific about your trip time. Dubai offers different types of adventure to help you take some time out from your monotonous lifestyle. Plan to visit between October and April when the weather is ideal. That’s the suitable timing, according to the experts of Handyman services Dubai

What we’re trying to say is to choose winter. You can experience the perfect weather to spend time on beaches. As a bonus tip, look for flights to Dubai at least six months in advance. Additionally, don’t forget to book your hotels before your landing in Dubai.

2. Dubai hasn’t Banned Alcohol

If you think that Dubai is a non-alcoholic city due to religious restrictions, then you’re misguided. Alcohol is available in licensed bars in Dubai. Most of the bars offer happy hours. Additionally, you can go out drinking if you’re at least 21 and carry an ID card. You may be surprised to know that there are deals on drinks for ladies when drinking in Dubai. Moreover, visitors are allowed to have a liquor license if they wish to purchase alcohol in Dubai.

3. How Expensive Dubai is!

Dubai comes with higher price tags, which is why you should book your flights and hotels in advance. Additionally, souvenirs, jewelry, etc., can be much higher than usual, especially in the winter months. If you want to make it a budget Dubai trip, then consider traveling during the summer months. Summer months are relatively hotter, and people prefer to chill indoors; you can choose to spend time in theaters, shopping malls, and restaurants. You can still hang out peacefully in the sweltering summer. However, don’t forget to pack sunscreens.

4. Dress Humbly

When packing for your Dubai vacation, you should pack something decent for yourself and your family. Women are not expected to wear anything so tight, short, or transparent in public places. Additionally, men should hang out in shirts and be fully dressed. On beaches, you’re allowed to wear a bikini or shorts. If you’re accused of dressing unlawfully, don’t argue with them. Instead, calmly state that you’re going back to your hotel to change. 

5. Weekends are on Friday & Saturday

In Dubai, the weekend means Friday and Saturday. Most citizens are allowed to take off from work on Fridays. Muslims go for prayer gatherings on Fridays. However, many spots are open throughout the weekends. The busiest days of the week are Thursday and Friday nights. You can check out the malls till midnight.

6. Don’t Show Affection in Public Places

This is a big “No” for couples to show affection in public places. It might tempt you to take romantic pictures with your partner or spouse in an exotic location but resist the temptation. Couples might hug occasionally, but it’s not legal to kiss your partner. Married couples can hold hands in public.

7. Dubai is a Heaven for Foodies

If you’ve been to Dubai and haven’t tasted Shawarma, then you need to correct that immediately. Shawarma is a wrapped sandwich with beef or chicken and pickles, hummus, garlic tahini sauce, lettuce, and tomato. If you’d rather not have any meat, then you can go with falafel wrap. You can get inexpensive meals at the Dubai Marina. Additionally, you can have exotic meals on cruises.

Most hotels and restaurants host Friday brunch due to alcohol being too costly. While having brunch, you can avail heavy discounts on a full buffet meal along with a drink package. 

Things to Remember When Visiting Dubai

8. Dubai is Safe

According to the latest research, the United Arab Emirates is the second-safest nation currently. And Dubai is the safest city in this gorgeous Emirate nation. In Dubai, street crime is rare. You can easily get a taxi in the dead of night, and that’s without too much difficulty. Mainly, crimes recorded are reckless driving, crossing the street illegally, ignoring public safety by motorists, etc.

9. Seek Permission Before Taking Pictures

When you’re in Dubai and want to capture any scenery, you need to ask permission before taking pictures, especially photos that include strangers. It’s best not to take photographs that include people not in your travel party. If it’s a major tourist attraction, then you need no permission. However, don’t take photos of military constructions, airports, governmental buildings, etc.

10. Behave Modestly During Ramadan

If you accidentally land in Dubai during the occasion of Ramadan, then you should be extra cautious. Ramadan is celebrated the entire ninth month of the Islamic calendar. Ramadan is the practice of celebrating fasting. You have to respect their tradition. It would be best if you didn’t eat or drink anything in public places during the daytime.

Finally, Be Careful With What You’re Saying

The words that come out of your mouth can matter in Dubai. The place can be promising, but it doesn’t apply to freedom of speech. You can access social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Twitter, etc. But, it would be best if you thought before you post anything on social media. Any ill-statement against the Emirati government can be punishable.  

Apart from the governmental bodies, it would be best not to get into trouble with any individual until you leave the country. Laws, especially cybercrime laws, are strict for both citizens and tourists. Please control your emotions and actions while living in Dubai.

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