Useful Pieces of Advice That Will Help You During Your Trip in the UAE

The UAE is an amazing, newly developed part of the world. With awesome weather and amazing scenery, you can be sure you’ll have a great experience when visiting The UAE. In this article, you will find plenty of useful pieces of advice to help you enjoy your trip in The UAE the most, from what to visit and how to travel. If you’re planning a trip over there, you’ve come to the right place.

Tips for Visiting the UAE

Driving in the UAE

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get around this part of the world is to drive. It is super easy to rent a car in Abu Dhabi, with many car hire locations throughout the city and at airports. The road system is modern and new, with cars driving on the right-hand side of the road. Getting around by car is far easier than relying on taxis or limited public transport. Be warned, the wide, new roads encourage comfortable locals to drive quite fast, so you’ll need to be confident and concentrate when journeying on Abu Dhabi’s roads. 

The Best Time to Visit

The UAE is hot. Really hot. In fact, it’s pretty much scorching all year round. The months between May and September are dry and have soaring temperatures of between 80 and 100 Fahrenheit. It is not recommended to travel during these times as the heat can be too much to handle for tourists.

Instead, visit during October and April, where there is a little more moisture in the air and average temperatures drop between 10-30 Fahrenheit. These months make up the peak travel time for tourists.

What to Visit

Many of the most exciting things to see in the UAE are their architectural wonders. The Burj Khalifa is, at the time of writing, the tallest building in the world, sitting at over 828 meters. It has an observation deck at 555 meters, allowing for panoramic views of the city of Dubai.

There are also amazing religious sites to see. In Abu Dhabi, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is one of the most impressive in the world. Made of gold, glass, and marble, this beauty is a must-visit for any tourist in Abu Dhabi.

How to Dress

There is a strong Muslim culture in the UAE, which is important to respect as a visitor. Clothing can be seen as too revealing, too tight, or too restrictive, especially when talking of women’s clothes. Men, though, should also dress respectively. Never go out without shoes or a shirt on, for example, and try to not be overly flashy or revealing.

Tips for Visiting the UAE

Be Careful With Alcohol

It’s worth noting that The UAE has relatively strict alcohol laws. Only certain hotels, bars, and restaurants hold alcohol licenses and may only serve alcohol to seated guests. Though, there are also some licensed nightclubs in the country where you can drink, dance, and mingle. 

It is a crime to be under the influence of alcohol in public, so be careful when you drink. Getting heavily intoxicated and walking around a shopping mall or tourist attraction could land you in a fair amount of trouble! You may buy alcohol for consumption in your holiday home or hotel room, though.

Time to Eat

There is a huge amount of incredible food on offer in the UAE. The Emirati cuisine is made up of plenty of meat, fish, and rice, with flavors coming from saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, and thyme. Fish has been a staple of the diet for many years, due to the country’s proximity to a rich ocean. 

They also serve amazing local coffee and teas, with flavors like nothing you will have experienced in the West. Locals eat late in the UAE due to the soaring temperatures of the day. So, you’re likely to dine with tourists if you eat between 7-10, while being more likely to dine with locals after 10 pm.

PDAs Are a No-No

Another quick culture point. Public displays of affection can be viewed as quite offensive in the culture of the Emirati people. This is partly down to their religion, and therefore should be avoided at all times. Be respectful with how you act with your partner in public, keeping the PDAs to a minimum. Save that for when you are in your hotel or holiday home! 

These tips should help you prepare for and enjoy your trip to the UAE. It is a truly magnificent place with so much to see and do. If you take these tips with you, you’ll have a smooth sailing, enjoyable time in the UAE. Enjoy your visit.

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