Things to Know Before Your Dubai Visit

Dubai, in many ways, is a meeting place of the world. This futuristic city with glittering malls, buildings that seem to rise from the arid desert sands triumphantly is indeed a man-made wonder. So it is no wonder that people from across the globe flock to this Utopia kind of land built right in the midst of the desert. Dubai is a great place for kids and adults alike as there are many cheap and free things to do. So it does not matter where in the world you’re traveling from to Dubai, what matters is the promise of incredible times that Dubai has in store for you. 

There is so much about Dubai that makes everyone love it. So you are all geared up to visit Dubai and are raring to go. Take a pause and review some of the things you must know before heading off for your Dubai adventures.

Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai

Alcohol & Dubai

It is generally the myth that alcohol is a strict no-no and is banned since Dubai is an Islamic country. However, this is far from the truth. But unlike other places of the UAE like Sharjah, Dubai allows alcohol consumption in designated bars, hotels, and restaurants. However, consumption of alcohol in public places is banned. So if you want to reach out for a can of beer or a glass of champagne after a hectic day in Dubai, you are free to go ahead.

In Dubai, Sunday is a Working Day

For most of us, Saturdays and Sundays are weekends, and this is something ingrained in our DNA. But remember, when you head to Dubai, this is not the case. Sunday is a proper working day where you find the business as usual and people hard at work. Wait a minute; this does not mean that the people of Dubai are so hardworking that they do not take the weekend off. They do, but the weekend in Dubai is not on Sunday. The weekends are Fridays and Saturdays to allow the people to attend the weekly prayers in the mosque on Fridays. So do plan your itinerary, keeping this in mind before heading to Dubai.

Leave Your PDA At Home When You Are In Dubai

You may get that sudden rush to display your affection for your loved one against the backdrop of the imposing Burj Khalifa but hold your horses. PDA in public places is not allowed in Dubai, and you will be asking for trouble, serious trouble.

You Don’t Need to Be A Millionaire to Enjoy The Pleasures of Dubai

With all the images of opulence and luxury that Dubai evokes, the general belief and myths propagated give the idea that Dubai is a very expensive destination. Yes, it is, but one can do it on a budget too, if appropriately planned. With more and more millennials traveling the globe and heading to Dubai, many budget-friendly hotel chains are opening in Dubai. The Metro can be an economical option for getting around Dubai, and even the Cab fares are comparable with other international destinations.

Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai

There is More to Dubai Then Glitzy Malls And Buildings

If you look beyond the beaches, malls, and amusement parks of Dubai, you will see another facet of Dubai. An element that showcases the culture and heritage of the place. The lives of the Bedouin people and their culture, their lives in the challenging environment of the desert much before the dazzling city of Dubai sprung from the sands of the desert. Museums like the Dubai Museum bring alive the exotic culture and heritage of the people who inhabited the land ages ago.

Be Aware of Your Dress Code

Though Dubai’s dress code is relaxed compared to many other places in the Middle East, one needs to dress conservatively and not go over the top. Of course, as a woman traveler, you are not required to wear a veil as some myths propagate, but it is necessary to dress modestly in public places.

Be ready for the Dubai Heat

Dubai being in the midst of a desert, it is natural that it is going to be hot. Even though you may spend most of your time in the air-conditioned comfort of hotels, malls, restaurants, and cars, you are bound to feel the heat. For people from colder climates, the heat is something to be aware of and be prepared for. The summer months see the temperatures soaring beyond 45 degrees centigrade. Probably the best time to plan a visit to Dubai if you are worried about the heat is in the winter months when the temperatures will not go beyond 30 degrees centigrade.

Dubai is not a Walking City

If you are looking to take in Dubai by walking around, then sorry, Dubai is not the place for walking tours. The best way to get an orientation of the city is to avail the services of a Hop-on, hop-off tour, or take a boat cruise as there are many things that shouldn’t be missed when traveling to Dubai.

Things to Know Before Visiting Dubai

Now that you know about the important thing you should, it is time to head off to Dubai. The Burj Khalifa stands tall in anticipation.

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