Indoor Play Areas in Dubai for Kids

Dubai is a city that has something for every age group and is a place that one must visit at least once in a lifetime to embrace peace and adventure at the same time. It has everything from luxury to heritage; however, the city has no shortages of soft play areas. The city is hot, and when the temperature rises, you surely need some indoor activities for kids and ones that kids will love. The indoor play areas in Dubai are its major attraction and include Cheeky Monkey, OliOli, Kids HQ, and many more and is a great way to have fun with kids in Dubai.

Are you looking for the best indoor soft plays in the massive city of Dubai for your kids? We have made a list of some fantastic indoor play destinations, which your family will surely love. 

Indoor Play Areas in Dubai for Kids

Cheeky Monkeys Dubai

This is the best place that allows you to learn through play and fun. Cheeky Monkey is an award-winning play area with five play structure levels, including climbers, trampolines, slides, and ball pits. It takes your little one away from technology and helps him to be more socially active. The place is also called ‘edutainment.’ It allows you to celebrate kids around 10 months to 8 years old in a clean, safe, and fun environment. 


OliOli was designed by keeping in mind the new generation. OliOli stands for Joy in Hawaiian. It is a unique experimental museum that offers a fun environment and interactive play environment. It has two floors with over eight interactive galleries. Kids in the premises are allowed to wander and discover new things in the space. People of all ages are welcome here for wholesome fun. If you feel like eating, there is a La Petite Treehouse Cafe to satisfy your cravings. It is located at Al Quoz, Dubai.

Kids HQ

Divided into three different sections, Kids HQ is spread across 9,000 square feet. It is a soft play area with slides, a racing track, and ball pits with a miniature house. The place’s main attraction is its arts and craft section, where the little ones can use their imagination and create some amazing creative pieces. There is also a toddler’s corner specifically for kids aged one to three years. The corner includes nursery rhymes so that kids can dance and sing.

Moreover, the kids can exercise and learn yoga too. The Kids HQ is the best place to engage your child with new and innovative things. It is located in Al Barsha 2.

Lala Land

Lala Land is famous for its playground activities which include slides, trampoline, bridge, and mats. There is also an activity area filled with toys, dollhouses, pet rides, kinetic sand, LEGO, thinking games, and much more. The kids who are keen on arts and crafts can take part in projects that change every week. The activities of LalaLand are designed especially for kids aged eight months to twelve years. Lala Land is located in City Walk and Uptown Mirdif. 


Woo-hoo is as amazing as it sounds. It has ten different galleries with over fifty exhibits. Woo-hoo makes sure to entertain each family member with its activities and programs. It will keep your child engaged for hours without getting bored. Critical thinking, problem-solving, and social collaboration are some fundamental skills that are sharpened by the activities done here. It is located at Al Quoz 1. 

Kidzania Dubai

Situated in one of the biggest malls in the world, i.e., the Dubai Mall, KidZania is the most famous place for soft play among kids. The indoor theme park has its own streets, buildings, restaurants, and even its own economy. It teaches kids how to earn and spend money, along with its importance. There are different departments in KidZania that include Education, Entertainment, Food and Beverage, Health, Media, Retail, transportation, and many more. Parents can drop their kids in Kidzania and shop in the mall. From becoming doctors to journalists, Kidzania allows your little one to live their fantasies.

Kids Zone

The two-floor activity area provides soft play with birthday party rooms. The kids can participate in various activities like music, dance, arts, and crafts. The play area is for kids up to 12 years, and the activity room offers various courses and after-school activities. Kids Zone offers membership or loyalty programs. It is situated at Souk Al Bahar and Greens Community DIP.

Dig It

Kids love playing all the time, and parents want them to learn and explore on their own. If you are looking for a place for edutainment, then Dig It is just for you. It will help your kid to learn new things while having fun activities. The play space area of the venture is based around a working building site. It gets your kids involved in digging, moving, building, and creating various things according to their imagination. The activities here provide an enlightening experience. The other activities are driving lessons, sand play workshops, digging, operating remote control cars, and many more. It is located in The Springs Souk. 


Made for both young and old family members, this activity center is a favorite spot for a day out. The place’s main attraction includes bumper cars, family swing, climbing wall, foam pit with so many slides, and ball pool. Fabyland has four branches across the UAE, and out of these, three are located in Dubai.

This place is also suitable for a school picnic or a birthday bash for your kid. Some of the major attractions include Flume Ride, Drop and twist tower, energy leap, top dancer, theater, and the climbing wall. 

Funky Monkey

Funky Monkey is Dubai’s largest indoor and outdoor theme park. It has many great activities for the kids, including Legoland, a giant soft play area, cooking classes, laser games, and arts and crafts area. Outside the venture, there are face paintings and bouncy castles. It is also an exciting place for organizing birthday parties. Themed birthday packages include face painting games and much more. It is located at Al Wasl Centre, Jumeirah.

The Orange Wheels

The Orange Wheels is called the second home to the kids up to age ten years. It has many branches in Abu Dhabi. They have a wide range of activities that includes pampering slides, simulating sensory, ball pits, climbing walls, and many more. The colors of the venture are very capturing and soothing. The place has some fantastic offers that attract more people here. 

In Conclusion 

Dubai has many indoor play areas that will surely seize your little one’s heart and keep him away from technology for some time, at least. So pack your bags and have a happy time with your family in Dubai. 

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