The Top Solo Female Destinations

Traveling is something as a woman I enjoy doing, preferably with family and friends. Going solo, however, is an entirely different ballgame, not only can it be difficult to do, because if we all waited around for someone’s vacation to link with ours, the only place we would be going to is the grocery store. Traveling alone as a woman can be especially trying, with having to convince your family you will not be abducted, but also fielding endless advice from friends who cannot reconcile the fact that you are going alone.

Are you a bit unsure of where to travel alone? Grab your passport as we go through a list of some of the safest, elegant and stunning destinations you can go to BY YOURSELF AS A WOMAN.


Most female travelers can attest to the fact that this is one of the safest, friendliest, and most stunning cities to visit if you are on a solo journey. Tokyo boasts high security, an excellent transportation system, numerous theme parks, and beautiful landmarks.

Where to visit: Mega Web, Tokyo One Piece Tower, LaQua, Zenyoji Temple, Saiko-Ji Temple


The security system in this advanced city is out of this world. There are police officers everywhere, and public transportation has a segregated area for women. This city is home to skyscrapers, is a very low-risk destination, and must be added to everyone’s bucket list.

Where to visit: Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Aquaventure park, Desert safari.


Visit this modern city for a unique and traditional experience. Lisbon is a wonderful, family-oriented city that respects different cultures, and the people are friendly. The streets are lively and safe to walk through at any time of day or night.

Where to visit: Baixa and Rossio, Belem, Chiado.


This thriving city is a great destination to see some of the most popular sites in the world. You can enjoy a crime-free night walk in the busy night markets. The locals are very welcoming as well. The train and buses are easy to find and navigate in.

Where to visit: Sun-Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Taipei 101, Elephant Mountain, National Palace Museum.


Not only is Melbourne breath-taking, but it is also one of Australia’s safest cities. The low crime rate and the transportation system are very reliable. This city has a very low rate of terrorism and crime, so it is a great place for women traveling alone.

Where to visit: Melbourne cricket ground, Etihad stadium, St Kilda Pier, Westgate park.


If you are looking for a nature-filled experience, this is the perfect place to visit as it is not densely populated and the properties are guarded by the owners or hired security. It is ideal for a solo trip as everything is just around, and you do not have to worry about getting lost in this magnificent place.

Where to visit: Kallur Lighthouse, Torshavn, Fossa Waterfall.


This gorgeous city that is home to the world’s longest marble wall is safe as tourist attacks and crimes rarely happen. The people are friendly, and there is no harassment from locals. The drivers are wild, but if you keep out of there way, you are good to go. There are female only hostels and numerous tourists everywhere.

Where to visit: The flower market, the perfume pagoda, water puppet theatre, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi opera house.


From health to general safety and crime rate, Dublin is on top. There are low theft, scam and terrorism risks in Dublin and it is one of the best locations to travel alone. Most people in the city are laid back, helpful and overall very friendly. Dublin is a gun free city as the rest of the country.

Where to visit: Guinness storehouse, Freemason’s Hall, Sphere within Sphere, Irish Whiskey museum.

To travel is to live, and regardless of where you choose to travel, there are safe places in every country, and fear should never restrict your ability to visit every part of this continent. Don’t forget to share your favorite travel destinations with us on social media.

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