A Day In Melbourne: Top Attractions ~ #TravelTuesday

Australia is a perfect country for those who enjoy road trips in their car. It’s a vast piece of land full of magnificent views and landscapes and exciting, lively cities.

Once you start your road trip, you’ll be amazed by what you will be able to see. At one point, you will probably end up in Melbourne. If you decide to spend a day there (and you definitely should!), make sure you see the best this city can offer.


The Yarra River is perfect for an enjoyable ride along the river bank. If you want to really appreciate it, park your car and take a walk along the bank and admire the numerous street performers. As you walk, you can visit Ponyfish Island to enjoy a drink in a bar located under a bridge.


If you arrive in Melbourne early in the morning, you’ll have a perfect opportunity to enjoy its coffee. The city is flooded with excellent cafes, with coffee being one of the most popular beverages. Start your day in Melbourne in the area around Flinders Street Station, where you can choose your pick among cafes. If you really want to enjoy a cool local cafe and good coffee, visit Cup of Truth on the corner of the street’s subway. Local dairy farmers provide their best milk to the cafe, and you’ll enjoy it if you are a fan of coffee.


Melbourne is the city of culture and art, and this gallery will definitely show you what Melbourne has to offer in this area. One part gallery, one part museum and one part museum, this place is a great reason to leave your car and explore the facility on foot. The exhibitions range from ancient Egypt to the post-modern period. You could easily spend a couple of hours there, but make it a bit shorter if you’re staying for just a day.


The most unusual architectural structure in the city is definitely St Paul’s. It’s a must-see masterpiece for anybody who enjoys beauty, being religious or not. The Gothic design is just stunning, while the peace inside the building in contrast to the city noise is unbelievable. You will have no choice but to admire the craft needed for its construction and the colored stained glass abounds.


This is an opportunity to switch means for transport at least for a couple of hours. The Circle City Tram is free public transport. It functions as “hop-on, hop-off” service, which takes the passengers from one Melbourne popular site to another. Some of the attractions include Federation Square, the Old Treasury Building, Parliament House, and the Princess Theater. You are also able to listen to the recorded commentary of every attraction that you pass by.


Use the advantage of traveling by car to visit the exquisite Yara Valley, the wine region. It’s only an hour away from the city, but make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip. It’s essential to maintain your car and clean it regularly to stay safe on the road. Luckily, cleaning your vehicle while on the road in Australia is easy because there are cool apps like Schmicko car wash available, through which you can book washing in just a few clicks. Once you get to the Yarra Valley, enjoy the ride along the green hills, admiring old farmhouses and impressive vineyards. Taste the best wines in some of the region’s finest wineries and maybe even have a meal there.


Once you’re back in the city, have a taste of how it is to go shopping in Melbourne. The great thing about having a car is that you can fill your trunk with all the cool stuff you could find at the Queen Victoria Market. It is considered to be shopping Mecca for all Australians. It’s a vast, open-air market that has virtually everything you could ask for. Cool clothes, great food, hand-crafted jewelry and various shops full of all kinds of stuff. You can bargain for almost anything and get lost in it all.


If you want a delicious meal, then one of the two locations is a perfect choice. The menus are impressively rich, offering both Western and Asian cuisine. Bourke Street is also a great location if you want to indulge yourself with expensive shopping or retail offers.

On the other hand, Chinatown offers cheap, tasty food and a splendid view of the streets decorated with Chinese themes.

A road trip through Australia will definitely be one of your most memorable trips. And Melbourne will for sure be near the top of your list when it comes to great Australian destinations.

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