5 Reasons I Love Coffee – And You Should Too!

This post is done in collaboration with Keurig and The Original Donut Shop. All opinions are my own.

Everyone knows by now that I just love my coffee. A quick search on my blog will bring up quite a variety of coffee recipes, and I’m always thinking up more ways to enjoy that cup of joe. Coffee, coffee, coffee, say it with me, and it’s totally ok for you to drink that cup of coffee.

Who says that coffee has to be boring? There are so many ways for you to enjoy your coffee. Personally, I’m a bear when I first wake up. Just ask my kids. They will tell you not to even speak to me before I’ve had my first cup. There is just something about coffee that wakes me up.

It also helps that my Keurig K45 Coffee Maker allows me to have my first cup with just the touch of a button. Those K-Cup® pods are just a lifesaver! And I just LOVE the Original Donut Shop K-Cup pods because I can always find a flavor that I love. Gone are the days of making a pot full of coffee that took minutes (but seemed like hours) to make, and then when you’re ready for another cup, it tastes stale and yucky. No more just plain black, I can get them in all kinds of flavors and that’s just the way I like it. While there are a myriad of reasons you should be drinking coffee, here are MY top 5 reasons why I drink coffee and why you should too.

Coffee makes me happy

This is my number one reason and why I drink so much of it. How can you even be sad when you’re drinking a cup of coffee. Have you ever seen anyone drink coffee and cry at the same time? I know I haven’t. If you have, then you’ve got to tell me about it. As I’ve mentioned, I can be the grouchiest person in the morning, but once I’ve had my favorite cup of The Original Donut Shop K-Cup pod, along with my favorite creamer, I’m all smiles.  Call it my coffee rush if you will, but if you were happier when you drink coffee, why wouldn’t you drink it? It makes perfect sense right?

It’s easy to make and very versatile

While there are many ways you can make your coffee, one of the easiest would have to be with a Keurig K475 Coffee Maker and my trusty K-Cup pods. My Keurig K475 makes it so easy with just a press of a button and voila, my coffee is ready in an instant. I can have a 4oz cup if I wanted to, but a 4oz cup is not big enough for me, so I go straight for a 12oz cup. I can make it extra strong or not, but no matter how I make it, it makes it just right.

It helps me be a morning person

I admitted it earlier, I have to have my coffee or you’ll be talking to a zombie or an angry bear. Don’t even talk to me before I’ve had my cup. If you think I’m fun, it’s because I’ve already had that first cup of joe. Coffee picks me up and makes my day go oh so much better. My husband and kids can attest to this.

It increases my energy levels

How many times have you had a paper to write or a boring meeting to sit through and you’ve wished that maybe, just maybe, you can have a cup of coffee? That caffeine in that one cup of joe can help speed up your metabolism, and give you the energy that you need to get through whatever you’re dealing with. When I was a medic in the army, we would have to go through trainings almost every week it seemed, and I can’t begin to tell you how many coffee cups would be on the table, because we all needed it. Without that cup of coffee, I don’t know how I would have survived.

It’s tastes delicious!

Last but certainly not the least, it just tastes delicious! OK, I have to be honest here, black coffee tastes disgusting to me, but add some creamer (flavored or not), and it’s amazing! Coffee now comes in so many flavors that there has to be one that you’ll find and love. That’s why I love The Original Donut Shop, just the name alone says “hey drink me”! You can find them in a variety of flavors but their coconut mocha is my absolute favorite. Whether you’re drinking it hot or cold, coffee is good for the soul!

So go ahead – live a little, laugh out loud, smile as much as you can, because life is too short. And if you’re still wondering why so many people enjoy coffee, it’s because we’re happy people, so go ahead, enjoy that cup of coffee! It might even make you live longer. 😉

This post is done in collaboration with Keurig and The Original Donut Shop. All opinions are my own.
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