Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair Dolls

You may remember that last year we were honored to be considered for the Lalaloopsy Sew Important Person (SIP) program. This year we were once again included and we were once again honored to be included. This means that once again we bring to you new and innovative Lalaloopsy products. Yes you get to hear all about them from me. Today I bring to you the Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair Dolls. I have to tell you that I had an awesome time fixing up their hair and it was oh so much fun. There currently are 4 Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair dolls which includes (clockwise from left to right above) Cinder Slippers, Jewel Sparkles, Confetti Carnivale and Scoops Waffle Cone. I received all four dolls and I couldn’t wait to open their packages. Before I go into details of what they can do let me give you descriptions of each doll.

Cinder Slippers™ is running late (as usual) because she’s going to create the most unique hairstyle anyone has ever seen! Only she can’t figure out what color hair goes best with glass slippers. This is gonna take more time.

Jewel Sparkles™ has been so busy helping her friends with fashion emergencies, but now she’s having a hair emergency! She needs her hair to be “perfectly perfect” for the big dance. She creates a royal hair-do by adding highlights, twisting hearts, sprinkling glitter, and finishing it with the sparkliest tiara. Everyone at the ball will be talking about her hairstyle…and she’s counting on it.

Confetti Carnivale™ is working on the perfect hairstyle for tonight’s ball. Twists and curls and braids and lots of color – this is a ‘do that will take some time, but she’ll be there and ready to dance the night away with all of her friends!

Scoops Waffle Cone™ is having trouble deciding on a hairstyle for tonight’s ball. So, she decided to combine all her favorite looks into one amazing hair do. She calls it the 3 bun Up-do, Half Up/Half Down, tiny curls, semi-straight, loosey curl sew crazy hair sundae. She’ll be the talk of the ball for sure.

Well guess what? March 6th is officially Crazy Hair Day and Lalaloopsy wanted me to be creative and try out some hairstyles on these crazy hair dolls. So that’s what I did. These new dolls have hair like you’ve never seen before.  You can cut it, make it grow, pile it up high, curl it – the options are endless.

Each doll comes complete with extra hair that you can use and each has hair made of yarn and ones that comes coated with wax. The wax coating allows you to create various  hairstyles that stay in place once done, for ENDLESS  amounts of hair play.

Each doll also comes with glitter and bows and I had a lot of fun actually using the glitter to make my Crazy Hair Doll really sparkle and glow.

The all new Lalaloopsy Crazy Hair Dolls not only inspire creativity in your little ones but will keep them entertained for hours. So go out and get them all and start styling! They definitely get my TWO TINY THUMBS UP!

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