Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Later today I want to share with you a really special doll that we received which actually inspired this post. If you have kids, you know how beneficial play is to them. Playing is a great way for kids to express their creativity and imagination. For many kids, playing with dolls is one of the best ways to do this. There are many benefits associated with allowing kids, both boys and girls, to play with dolls.

Encourages Imagination

It takes a lot of imagination to play with dolls and other toys. When you hand your child a doll, they immediately begin imagining all of the possibilities associated with it. Will this doll be a baby to be cared for? Will it be a friend invited over to play? The imaginative possibilities are endless to your children!

Develops Motor Skills

Playing with dolls also helps your kids develop their motor skills. When kids play with dolls, they are using muscles in their hands and fingers that promote dexterity and strength. This includes zipping and unzipping the doll’s onesie or buttoning up a play coat for the toy. All of these activities work together to help your kids develop the necessary motor skills they’ll use throughout their lives.

Fosters a Sense of Caring

When children play with dolls, they learn how to care for another being. Although a doll is not alive, children often pretend that the doll is a real baby or friend. This fosters a sense of caring in children, helping them learn how to care for others.

Boosts Independence

When a child plays with a doll, they often role play with them. This includes feeding and bathing the doll, as well as dressing and undressing it. By role playing with dolls, a child’s independence is boosted. They learn how to dress and undress themselves. They learn how to feed themselves, take care of their hygiene, and can even be encouraged to use the potty independently.

There are many benefits associated with playing with dolls.

Do you let your kids play with dolls? We’d love to hear why you choose to do so!

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