7 Things To Do On Kenai Peninsula

If you’re looking for an unforgettable Alaskan adventure, look no further than the Kenai Peninsula. From glaciers to fishing, these are the top seven activities to check out!

Kenai Peninsula Welcome Sign

Labeled as the playground of south central Alaska, Kenai Peninsula is famous for its stunning views and fishing. Nothing about this region is dull or boring, so you will have the best time here. If short on ideas, check out the top 7 things to do on Kenai Peninsula! 

Things to do on Kenai Peninsula
  1. Cruising

Day cruises are one of the most popular activities here, and this way, you will be able to see the most impressive sceneries up close. Impressive glaciers and deep waters with a vast selection of wildlife will feel much more real while you are on a cruise, plowing through the icy rivers. 

Visit the town of Seward to launch a trip around Resurrection Bay and an all-day excursion into Aialik Bay or Northwestern Fjord. The sights here are incredible! 

  1. Kayaking

If you are into spending your time actively, you will love kayaking in Kenai Peninsula! Similar to cruising, you will get a chance to get close to the glaciers, but this might be more fun for you since you are the captain of your own ship

Paddle your way in and out of coves tucked along the shoreline, and say hello to sea lions, otters, a variety of whales, and many more animals. 

Resurrection Bay is your best shot, so you will have to travel to Seward again! 

Check out tours to Alaska to plan your best holiday here! 

  1. Hiking or Biking

Kenai Peninsula offers many various routes prepared for you to enjoy the pristine natural surroundings. The trails might seem complicated and lengthy at first, but once you get into it, the clear weather and stunning landscapes will dissolve any discouragement you may have.

Both hiking and biking are great for solo journeys, families, or couples. Just pack your most comfortable shoes, a parka if it gets cold, and a bottle of water. Then, let nature take care of the rest! 

  1. Bear Viewing

Seeing bears with your own eyes is an exciting event for everyone, especially tourists that are used to city life. And you can see them in the Denali National Park here in Alaska, but stumbling upon them while simply exploring the sights is something completely different. 

If you go on a planned bear viewing excursion, there is a great chance you will see from 4 to 20 bears up close. You will most likely see them splashing around in the water or fishing for lunch. They are both magnificent and cute, so you would not want to miss a sight like this! 

The best places for this are Wolverine Creek and Chinitna Bay! 

Bear Viewing On Kenai Peninsula
  1. Dog Sledding

Do you know what is even more exciting than kayaking, hiking, or biking? Dogsledding! Here in Kenai Peninsula, groups of excited winter dogs will give you the best ride of your life! 

You can travel solo, or in groups – whichever you prefer. These intelligent, beautiful doggies will take anyone. They are well-trained and sweet, so do not be afraid of their icy appearance – they will let you pet and cuddle them if you ask nicely! 

The length of these trips is anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours, but make sure to check the timetables for your desired region – in some of these, the dog sledding is only available at certain months! 

  1. Dining

In the midst of all these activities and spending the day breathing fresh air, you will surely get hungry! Not to worry, though. Kenai Peninsula has many fantastic options.

Of course, number one here is seafood, and we urge you to try it – freshly caught and prepared fish does not even compare to any other fish meals you have ever tried! However, if you are not a fan, there are plenty of alternatives, and the cuisine here is quite broad. You can enjoy pizza, steak, and even Asian cuisine. 

The most popular dinings places in Kenai Peninsula are Louie’s Steak & Seafood, The Flats Bistro, and Paradisos Restaurant. 

Even if you do not listen to recommendations and go in blindly, no place in this area will disappoint. 

  1. Flightseeing

For some tourists, sightseeing on foot appears to be too mundane, but we only encourage that! This way, you can try flightseeing – an unforgettable experience, when the adrenaline of being high up in the air mixes up with the fantastic sights below. 

You can enjoy The Kenai from airplanes, seaplanes, ski-planes, and helicopters. The most spectacular views are when you fly over the Kenai Fjords National, Lake Clark National Park, the Chugach National Forest, or even Kachemak Bay State Park. Really, there are many possibilities, so do not pass up the chance to see this region from above! 

In Conclusion

As you see, there are plenty of things to do here in Kenai Peninsula. Most of them are quite active, and almost every one involves you spending time in nature. Going here will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so keep your eyes wide open, and enjoy the power of Mother Nature!

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