Best U.S. Cities For A Girl’s Weekend

Traveling with family can be wonderful, and romantic escapes with your spouse are always an excellent opportunity to make memories together, but there’s nothing truly like a great girls’ weekend. Getting together with some of your best gal pals and exploring a new place together can be the perfect way to keep your friendship alive, whether you live nearby or meet up once or twice a year for a long weekend of fun. And while you really can’t go wrong with any destination, as long as you’ve got each other, there are some spots across the country that make the perfect spot for a girls’ weekend.

Looking to plan your next girls’ getaway? Here are a few spots to consider:


If you want an urban destination that isn’t quite as overwhelming as NYC, Chicago is your spot. You’ll find restaurants serving up all kinds of different cuisines, from the city’s trademark Chicago-style pizza to international specialties you’ve never seen. Rooftop bars throughout the city offer stunning skyline views, and you’ll find all manner of nightlife, from swanky clubs to jazz venues and wine bars, to suit virtually any taste. A well-known spot for shopping, festivals, comedy shows, and spas, you won’t get bored here.


Embrace your southern side and enjoy the outdoors with a girls’ weekend in Austin, Texas. You’ll have a blast indulging in all the BBQ and Tex Mex your hearts desire, taking advantage of Austin’s impressive live music scene, and shopping around the town’s quirky boutiques. And if you love spending time on the water, you’re in luck. You can rent kayaks, canoes, paddle boards, motorboats, and more to enjoy all kinds of recreation on the water.


Looking for a truly beachy girls’ weekend getaway? Look no further than the southernmost city in the United States – Key West, Florida. You’ll never find yourself more than a few steps from the beach on this little island, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get out and explore the ocean. Filled with seaside bars, breezy restaurants, and souvenir shops, it’s easy to spend a few days eating, drinking, lounging, and catching up with your BFFs here. Just don’t forget your sunscreen!


For a girls’ weekend, that’ll let you do it all, plan a trip to Denver. This city near the Rocky Mountains is filled with fun bars breweries, trendy restaurants, interesting museums, and plenty to see and do. If you’re itching to spend some time in the mountains, rent a car and plan to spend a day skiing, soaking in a nearby hot spring, or hiking a scenic trail – depending on the season! And if you love music? See if you can catch a performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater, arguably one of the best venues in the world.

The next time you’re in charge of planning a get-together with your girlfriends, keep this list in mind! Plan a trip to one of these cities, and you and your ladies will be virtually guaranteed to have a great time.

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