Top 6 Museums to Visit With Your Kids


Most students around the world experienced online classes during the peak of the pandemic last year, and this caused a great impact on children’s cognitive development. It was a difficult adjustment, not just for adults but for children as well, as social activities and interactions are highly relevant when it comes to the early development of their skills. This is one of the reasons why all preschools to grade schools have tons of social activities for students.

Because of the lack of social activities last year, there has been a decline in students’ desire to go to school. Now that schools are slowly going back to normal in the USA, it’s important that parents make sure their kids get to catch up on social activities for them to get a headstart on face-to-face classes.

Visiting museums on the weekends or holidays is a great way to bring back your children’s love for physical learning, and this is also a way to bond and spend time with them as they explore and learn. It can be fun, but it can also be costly. To cut down on your expenses and avoid unhealthy foods during museum visits, you can pack healthy and nutritious snacks so you won’t have to spend extra money on restaurants and fast foods when you’re out and about. 

Since most of the museums on the list are located in different cities in America, you must be aware of the things you need to prepare for a family adventure like this. Once you’re ready, you can check our list for the top 6 best museums to visit with your kids.

top museums to visit with kids

The Strong National Museum, New York

What better way to kickstart your museum journey if not with a 100,000 square foot place that’s full of history learning and activities? The Strong National Museum is one of the most famous museums in the USA for kids, and also one of the largest history museums there is. It has a wide array of activities and history about play that your kids will surely get excited about. The most popular exhibit they have is the butterfly garden which is open for the whole year. You could just imagine that it’s every kid’s fantasy! 

Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

As explanatory as its name, the Please Touch Museum encourages kids to interact and participate in fun activities. It’s designed to make children feel as if they’re in another world with its kid-sized city that basically has everything a community needs. It also has an indoor river, where children can float boats and play in the water. What’s more exciting about it is it has different scheduled fun activities each day, and at the end of your visit, you’ll witness an amazing parade to complete the experience! 

Children’s Museum, Indianapolis

Indulge your kids’ with a Jurassic experience with this 472,900 square feet facility that’s made for every dinosaur lover out there! The Children’s Museum in Indianapolis is the largest museum to exist in the world, boasting five floors of various interactive learning activities which revolve around arts, sciences, world culture, and many more. It even has its very own kid-safe Science lab and Dinosphere, where kids can roleplay as Paleontologists, digging dinosaur fossils at the museum. 

Kohl’s Children Museum, Chicago

Popular among both kids and adults, the Kohl’s Children Museum has 15 permanent exhibits that allow children to explore in their own way while each activity boosts their creativity. Aside from this, they also have special exhibits developed by children’s education professionals, proven to help trigger children’s creative and social skills. Some of the activities that visitors look up to are the Fall Family Festival and Art Adventures.

Exploratorium, California

This museum might be the best choice for family outings, although all that is listed here are considered as such, the Exploratorium has different activities that could be fun for children of all ages. It includes studios, an observatory, science, art, and games! There are lots of fun and educational activities here such as creating marble mazes, learning about the weather through games, gigantic mirrors, and more! 

Boston’s Children Museum, Boston

This 100-year-old museum will complete your children’s educational trip, as they get to have fun with other kids and learn essential life skills during their visit. Boston’s Children Museum was renowned as the first “green” museum in the city back in 2007, consisting of an extra 23,000 square foot landscaped area and an exciting water park. This museum has everything you can imagine! Kids who love art, science, cultures, music, building, crafting, roleplays and more will be happy if they step foot inside this century-old facility. The well-crafted interactive activities portray play as an instrument of advanced learning and skills development. 

top museums to visit with kids

Apart from the list we made, there are numerous museums in the USA that are great and effective places for learning and fun. The ones indicated here are only some of the most talked-about museums for kids. Before visiting one or some of these museums, it’s essential to be aware of your kids’ interests, so you can choose the perfect museum that has activities that will engage the kid and enhance his/her creativity and imagination. 

Remember, it’s always best to let the kid learn on their own, but guide them closely and answer their questions patiently. A curious kid is a smart kid, and what better way to trigger their curiosity than taking them out on fun and educational trips? It’s always best for people to learn while having the best time of their lives.

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