Most Picturesque Places to Visit in New York City

Explore the best of NYC’s cityscape with a list of must-visit places to take stunning photos. From iconic monuments and attractions to hidden gems, discover the perfect backdrop for your next Instagram post!

New York City

New York City is one of those places that has something to offer everyone. It is a huge, bustling metropolis that is home to 8.5 million people, which means that it is a densely packed place. But there is still room for beauty and eye-catching vistas. The city offers plenty of green spaces, and has many interesting buildings, monuments, natural features, and more. Here are just a few examples of places in New York that offer you the chance to take some stunning photos.

From Times Square to Central Park, discover the most beautiful places to explore in NYC and make unforgettable memories.

Most Picturesque Places to Visit in New York City

Beautiful parks

New York City is home to 1,700 parks, playgrounds, and recreational spaces. The city is actively working to increase this number and enhance the existing green spaces to make them as nature friendly as possible.

Central Park is the biggest and most famous of them. For the best views and photo opportunities head to these spots:

  • The Bethesda Fountain
  • Bow Bridge
  • The Conservatory Garden
  • The top of Belvedere Castle which offers sweeping views of the park
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir

Prospect Park, Bryant Park, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Washington Square Park, Inwood Hill, and The High Line are also very beautiful.

Out of those, The High Line is probably the most unique and interesting. It is an elevated park that runs through Manhattan’s West Side, which was made by converting an old railway into a green space. If you do visit, you will get the best photos from 10th Avenue Square.

Iconic bridges

New York has over 700 bridges, from which you can get some stunning views of the cityscape set against water. A combination that always makes for an interesting photo or two.

You can also take fantastic skyline shots from some of the bridges that cross the major thoroughfares, away from the water. Although, on some of them one of you will have to drive while the other takes photos. Not all of the bridges in New York are pedestrian friendly. Here are a few of the bridges we recommend that you include in your itinerary:

  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Ed Koch Bridge
  • Queensboro Bridge
  • Manhattan Bridge
  • Williamsburg Bridge

If you do go to Brooklyn Bridge, head to the pedestrian walkway on the East Side. From there you will get the best shots of the bridge, the city skyline, and the East River. While you are there, explore the park to get some photos of New York’s beautiful flora and fauna.

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Dine with a view

When it comes to food, to say you are spoiled for choice in New York is an understatement. The city is home to more than 26,000 restaurants and other types of eateries. It does not matter what your tastes are or which food culture you want to experience, you are going to find it in New York. This list of the most Instagrammed restaurants in New York includes several that offer stunning views with your food.

  • The rooftop restaurant at the Metropolitan Museum of Art offers great views of Central Park and the skyline.
  • The River Café under the Brooklyn Bridge offers picturesque riverside views.
  • The Loeb Boathouse, which is located in Central Park, offers beautiful lakeside views.
  • Grand Banks, which is a seafood restaurant that is located on a wooden schooner that is floating on the Hudson River, offers its diners views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan.

Get some picturesque shots of New York’s world-famous landmark spots

Some of the most famous buildings, squares, and monuments are to be found in New York. Here are the 3 most visited, with a tip to help you to get the best photos while you are there:

  • The Empire State Building – you get panoramic views from the 86th-floor observation deck. Sunset is the best time of the day to take stunning photos of the cityscape.
  • The Statue of Libertythe Statue of Liberty is one of the most visited landmarks in the city, so it is often very crowded, which can make it hard to get that iconic shot. For this reason, it is best to get the ferry from Liberty Island and take a few snaps. From the deck, you will be able to capture the statue from several different angles.
  • Times Square – this is a bit of a strange one to include on a list of picturesque New York destinations, but we assure you that at night it looks stunning. The TKTS booth in the center is the best place to take photos of the square.
Statue of Liberty

The above are just a few examples of the parts of New York that provide you with the chance to enjoy picturesque or interesting vistas. If you want to find out more about the best photography spots in New York, you can do so, by clicking here.

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