Sea the Light: 5 Signs You’re Meant to Live By the Sea

Do you spend your time daydreaming about sand between your toes and warmth beaming down on your sun-kissed face? If so, it may be time to bow to fate and relocate to the beach where you can live out your ultimate coast life dream. In addition to having instant access to beach-front views, some argue living by the sea can significantly lower anxiety and stress while increasing your overall well-being and happiness levels. 

Ultimately, oceanside living is what you make it. Most coastal cities host weekly social gatherings like beachfront block parties and flea markets that you can frequent once you’ve settled into your new home. So, pack your beach bag, slap on some SPF, and read on for five signs living by the seaside is meant for you.  

Signs You're Meant to Live By the Sea

Cruising to the coastline

Before you dive deep into the ocean, kick off your seaside relocation by adequately preparing for the big move. Remember that homes by the beach are often more expensive than inland spaces, which means you’ll need to allocate your funds wisely if you hope to live oceanside. Additionally, consider hiring movers, including vehicle shipping, to ensure your belongings arrive safe and sound. 

Once you’ve landed on a reputable company, like Guardian Auto Transport, all that’s left is selecting an open or closed carrier. While most people opt for open freights for their discounted price, it may be worth paying the extra cost for enclosed shippers if you have a quality car in need of additional protection. 

Before getting your beach-bound ducks in a row, see if life by the sea is right for you. How? Take a look at life’s destination signpost pointing you towards a beachfront lifestyle. By listening to the call of the sea, you can wave goodbye to snowstorm shoveling sessions and desert heat. 

You love vacationing to the beach 

A sure-fire sign you should live by the sea is you plan every vacation to a beachfront town and dread leaving when your times up. While oceanside getaways are popular destinations, beach bums will do anything to get their fix as often as possible, driving hours over a weekend to lay in the sand. 

You want year-round summertime

If you’re ready for round-the-clock summer fun, a seaside residence may be the place for you. While not every beachfront city features soft blue skies and warm, humid air 365 days a year, destinations like Spain, California, and Florida are perfect for those longing for a sun-filled picturesque home. 

Signs You're Meant to Live By the Sea

You would rather go barefoot 

If you prefer the hot sand underneath your bare feet to constricting shoes, settling down by the beach is the perfect solution. That way, you can slip on a simple pair of flip-flops or strappy sandals while you walk down to the ocean, sliding off your shoes as soon as you see the waves.  

Tanning is your favorite pastime

When you live by the beach, you have 24/7 access to an all-natural tanning bed, perfect for those who take pride in bronzed, sunkissed skin. Just make sure you pack a high-quality SPF to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, and you’ll be on your way to glowing, healthy skin in no time. 

In conclusion

If ocean view vacations aren’t cutting it anymore, consider jumping head-first into your dreams and zipping off to the sea permanently. That way, you can live out your best life barefoot and bronzed by the beach.

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