Youtube SEO: Everything You Need To Know About Optimizing Your Videos

Who doesn’t like to have a thriving YouTube channel? This technology-driven world is moving forward towards a world where video content will play an important role. With millions of channels already active on YouTube and billions of users watching videos and consuming content daily, it isn’t difficult to anticipate that the ecosystem of YouTube is evolving and swelling at a massive rate year after year. What more can be said to define this giant apart from the well-established fact that YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world. 

The only search engine ahead of this largest video creation and consumption platform is Google. Now, this has led several content creators, startup owners, and bigger brands to use this platform to boost up their reach amongst their audience. Due to all these factors, YouTube is also one of those platforms that have helped many smaller brands to get viewership and better annual results. 

But if you ask the users and existing content creators on YouTube, the entire journey to the top isn’t that easy. You have to think out of the box and make efforts consistently. It is just the starter, and many things will tailor your video’s reach and viewership. So, if you want to start things on YouTube, you can teach some quick stuff in them right from the beginning. Here are some essential tips that can help you optimize your videos on YouTube. 

  1. Channel icons and calling card

Now, you will have to do many things, but let’s just start from the start. You need to invest time and effort to research well. Do invest these things to get a good calling card, introduction, and channel icon. These are three things that will turn out to be an essential thing for you when it comes to attracting your audience. Suppose you are looking for a good intro maker, bank on Invideo editor. This website where you can get desirable intro videos and editing here is super easy and quick. Your channel icon is essential because it will be your channel’s identity on every other platform. So make it as good-looking as you can, and so should be your calling card.

  1. Attractive Channel name 

Another essential thing that works in favor of your channel is its name. Many people simply connect their youtube channel to their life and put a lame name on their track. But that should not be your practice when it comes to choosing a name for your business channel. If you are about to monetize your videos and the channel, you will have to think before selecting a name. Try and adjust a keyword in your channel’s name. It is a good practice, and it surely helps in optimizing your youtube channel’s videos. 

  1. Critical first 15 seconds 

For every video, the first 15 seconds are significant to maximize the watch time. Many experts say that if a viewer watches the first 15 seconds of your video, their chances of staying and watching your entire video increase massively. To make an engaging 15 seconds work on your video’s introduction. Make it a bit creative. You can take the help of several websites or a video editor such as Invideo. You should make your introduction informative, attractive, and better than usual. Think of ways that can help you in making the first 15 seconds of your videos simply unique. 

Optimizing Youtube Videos
  1. Complete your about us page

Don’t be lax about your “About Us” page because it is essential. It is the information that Youtube will have about you, and if you fail to put all the vital information on the page, you might lose a lot of traction. Youtube has an algorithm that keeps updating and becoming stricter and better. So if you want to get good traction on your videos, you should be very careful while putting information on the page. Try and inform Youtube more about what’s going to be on your channel? How is it going to help the viewers? Is it just for entertainment, or will there be learning? Something like this should be there somewhere on your About Us page. It will help Youtube to promote your videos when you crack their requirements. 

  1. Mix long and short videos

Not many people know that audience retention and view time of your videos; matter a lot. These are two things that go hand in hand, and you need to keep in mind that none of these is left by you if you wish to optimize your videos. Your channel should have a melange of longer and short videos to keep the engagement and view time in check. These days another way to get attention towards your channel is through Youtube shorts. It is a great way to get going with things. 

  1. Use engaging audios

If you are not speaking in the video, try to make the video engaging by using attention-seeking and full audio. It is a fact that Youtube viewers either get tied with the lively and engaging introduction or with the music. So if you are speaking, make it binding for the viewers, and if you are not doing a voice-over or saying in the video, trance music might just work wonderfully in optimizing your video. 

Optimizing Youtube Videos

These are just six essential things that a person must follow or keep in mind while making a video more engaging. But this doesn’t mean that only these six things are essential. Several other ways and hacks are equally helpful, like using better Tags in the advanced setting, writing informative and keyword-oriented descriptions, and using keywords in the title that might just work for you.

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