Asurion #PremierSupport Not Just For Broken Phones

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We all love technology! I mean be honest with yourself. Who doesn’t? As soon as the newest gadget comes out or there is even an inkling of news about the newest and latest gadget coming out, we’re all over it. For some it’s worse than others. While I refuse to line up outside of a store waiting for the brand new iPhone to come out, I personally don’t mind pre-ordering and having it in hand on release day. I personally love my gadgets and we are huge Apple fanatics in our household and we all know that Apple products are not the cheapest on the market. So when I have a problem That also means that we need protection and sometimes our top of the line Otterbox isn’t going to cut it. For example, I purchased an Otterbox for my son’s phone a few months ago and, you know that saying, anything that can go wrong will go wrong?, well it usually does for my younger son. He can destroy anything that is labeled indestructible. Luckily for me I have been a Sprint customer for over 10 years and the one thing I learned is that, always add insurance protection on your phone when you have kids. It’s why I have my phone protected by Asurion. It’s a small fee to pay for my peace of mind. They provide device protection for all your favorite electronics which includes but not limited to mobile devices, tablets, laptops and even your gaming consoles.

One of the things that I decided to do early on once I upgraded to the iPhone 6S was to download the Asurion Premier Support app, or the Total Equipment Protection App as it’s known in the app store for all Sprint users. It is also available for Verizon and ATT users as well. This app allows me to find my phone if it is ever lost/stolen and even tells me when my battery is going to run out. Although I have Find My iPhone activated it’s always good to have a back up plan. It also allows me to back up my contacts, photos and videos  to help save space. Unfortunately, it was this same thing that had me calling Asurion and thanks to their tech support I was able to get the help I wanted.

Asurion isn’t only about lost phones, they also have an amazing tech support system. Just recently I was having problems backing up my photos and all I did was connect to Asurion Premier Support. The technician was very friendly and was able to handle my problem. He guided me through the steps and before you know it, I was able to back up my phone and get that valuable space that I needed. Do you know what is great about this service? It is absolutely FREE when you purchase the insurance provided through Asurion like I did! Now who doesn’t love free?

With the holidays quickly approaching we all know that someone in the family is going to want some high-tech gadget. My sons actually have a few on their wish list. The thing is that they may not know how to set them up or even how to get the most out of them when they do get them. Well I no longer have to worry because Asurion Premier Support will be there to guide me through it.  Available through your wireless carrier they are there to help you get up and running and take the stress out of the holidays.

Let’s discuss: Have you ever used Asurion Premier Support Before?

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