Throwback Thursday: Toddlers First Toys

It’s that time again. The time when we find an old picture of me and introduce you to how old I was, what I was doing at the time and give you some tips if applicable. So without further ado, welcome to our…

The following photo was taken 2 days before Christmas and 1 day before my 11 month old birthday. So I was still technically 10 months old. As you can see in the photo I was very mobile, not quite the daredevil that I am now but not too far from that either. I was already running around and mommy was pulling her hair out because there was no stopping me. It was Christmas after all, it was time for me have fun. 

Well you’re saying, well what kind of tips can Madison have for me today. Do babies or toddlers need toys? Do you need food? Of course we need toys even if it isn’t the store bought one and it’s one that you made we enjoy still enjoy them. Remember that we are like sponges at this age and we learn a lot through play so once again mommy and I are going to give you a few of our favorites that we think you might enjoy along with your baby. 

Are there any toys that I recommend for your toddler. As a matter of fact I do. Toys that play music. Remember our Almost Wordless Wednesday post where we talked about music? If you don’t then maybe you need to read about why music is great for your little one. Rattles, drums, pianos, pots and pans are great for this. 

Stacking rings, nesting toys and building blocks are another great toy. Great for your toddler’s hand to eye coordination. Not Lego blocks but the Mega Bloks. Mommy does not like Lego’s too much, not only are they too small for your little one and would present a choking hazard but have you ever stepped on one in the middle of the night? Mommy has and I say that it was not fun hearing her yell at my brothers for leaving their Legos on the floor. 

Stacking rings also come in variation of colors so not only are they great for that hand to eye but they are also a learning tool for your little one to start learning their colors as well. 

Furry friends are great as well. I have quite a few of them that I like to pretend with. I have tea with my furry friends and I like taking them out with me when I go on car rides. They help with my creativity and my imagination. I can pretend that they are little people like me and have conversations with them.

And while you’re out buying toys don’t forget to buy books as well. There is nothing like the love of reading. This helps with our vocabulary. You’ll be surprised at what we understand even though we can’t really speak. 

So now that I’ve told you about a few of the ones we recommend, are there others that you recommend as well? Tell me in my comments. I’d love to hear of them. 

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