Thanksgiving Fun: Paper Plate Turkey

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us. Yeah we’re only a week away. Didn’t we just celebrate Halloween? While Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and spending time with family, there is nothing we love more than spending time together. Crafting gives us that opportunity and we get to do something fun at the same time. Take a look at this DIY paper plate turkey we crafted, using just a paper plate and a handful of common crafting supplies. The finished product is the perfect Thanksgiving décor piece or memento of the holiday season. Here is how you can get started crafting your own!

Supplies needed:

Paper plate

Pair of googly eyes

Red and orange felt or crafting foam

Assorted craft feathers

Brown craft paint

Craft glue or hot glue, glue gun



Begin by folding your paper plate in half. Apply some glue to the edges of the plate and sandwich the plate around it. Hold the plate in place so the glue has the chance to dry and secure.

Set the folded plate flat on your work space. Take some brown craft paint and apply it to the plate. Apply two coats, so the entire plate is nice and coated. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly.

Once the paint is dry you can apply the eyes of your turkey. Add a dab of glue to your googly eyes and press them to the upper/center of the plate. Hold in place until dry.

Cut a small triangle from your orange craft foam. Add a dab of glue and apply it under the eyes to create the beak of your turkey.

Finish the face of the turkey by adding the gobbler. Cut a squiggly shape out of the red foam or felt. Glue it near the beak.

You can now add the craft feathers. Add some glue to the ends of the feathers and press them to the back of the folded plate. Fan them out to look like tail feathers on the turkey.

Your paper plate turkey is now complete. As you can see, this is a simple craft for little hands to enjoy, and the finished product is sure to get you into the spirit of Thanksgiving. Gather your supplies and give this paper plate turkey craft a try!

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