How Effective Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits?

How Effective Are At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits?

 A large number of people suffer from discoloration of their teeth. But it is in no way a problem that can’t be resolved. You can get a sparkling smile by choosing one out of several teeth whitening methods. One of the most common teeth whitening options is at-home teeth whitening kits that work by bleaching your teeth. Teeth whitening kits enjoy widespread popularity as a convenient and straightforward way to achieve whiter teeth. Before we examine the effectiveness of teeth whitening kits, it would be helpful to elaborate a little on what they are:


Teeth whitening kits can find their way to the market in various forms. However, the most popular form is a collection of whitening gel or syringes, tubes, and trays that make the teeth whiter. The working methodology fills the trays with whitening gels, fixes them to the teeth, and lets some time pass. Popular types of teeth whitening kits include:

  • Kits that feature moldable trays
  • Kits that are already filled with trays
  • Kits that come with LED lights and trays

If teeth whitening kits come with trays pre-filled with whitening gel, it is usually a one-size-fits-all solution. If you are a particularly mobile person, these should help. On the other hand, the moldable trays in teeth whitening kits are made of plastic, and when heated, they mold onto your teeth. Once the fitting is ensured, you can fill them with the whitening gel included in the kit syringes and ultimately put them back on your teeth. 

The latest rage amongst consumers is, of course, teeth whitening kits equipped with LED lights. Not only are these kits beautiful, but they provide superior results, as well as the teeth whitening authority, Advance Whitening points out. The kits bear an uncanny resemblance to mouth guards and usually come with a moldable or pre-filled tray and the whitening gel. Further, there is also an LED light with the kit, which activates the whitening gel and enhances the whitening process’s efficacy.

Many teeth whitening kits come with written instructions that are meant to guide you on how you should use them, along with a tooth shade guide that will help you see just how effective the kit happens to be.


The bleach-based teeth whitening kits work through a simple process. The trays work to ensure that your teeth stay in constant touch with the kit’s whitening gel, thereby letting the bleach weave its magic. The usual bleaching agents you will find in such gels are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Gels containing a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide act faster, making them ideal for you if you have deeply discolored teeth and surface stains.

The whitening or bleaching agent in most moldable and pre-filled trays is hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching action starts upon contact with your teeth. The trays work to maintain the connection between the bleaching agent and the teeth, making them effective. In the case of LED light equipped teeth whitening kits, the LED lights increase the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide in making your teeth cleaner.


With most teeth whitening kits, you would need to use them daily for four to fourteen days. Most of them start their bleaching effects in under an hour. But this is a general rule of thumb, and particular kits might require an application for five or seven or fourteen-day periods. Irrespective of the kit you are using, it is necessary to diligently follow the provided instructions for achieving the best possible results.


There is no lack of options for people looking for teeth whitening kits. But the point you need to keep in mind is that there are no uniform results while using teeth whitening kits and the products are variable. However, it is often seen that the concentration of hydrogen peroxide has a critical role to play in a kit’s effectiveness at making teeth white. Choosing the teeth whitening kit that will suit you the best is quite a difficult task. You should follow your dentist’s recommendations for this. Another helpful tip is to go through genuine reviews of these kits at trusted review sites.

Considering that everyone wants clean, white, and sparkling teeth, teeth whitening kits present an attractive and easy way to achieve the same. Over time, not only are such kits becoming increasingly popular, but the products are evolving too. Teeth whitening kits indeed work, but there are also a few caveats. The main caveat is that the results of such kits vary from person to person. 

So, while one kit might eliminate all teeth stains and discoloration, it might not be nearly as effective. Further, people with deeply discolored teeth would perhaps be better off with a teeth whitening session at a professional dentist’s chamber. May your teeth shine bright!

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