Almost Wordless Wednesday: Your Toddler & Music

It’s time for another Almost Wordless Wednesday. Yeah I can’t do totally wordless. I’ve tried and it never works out. I just have to say something just like this opening paragraph. See it totally defeats the purpose of having a Wordless Wednesday. Maybe next week. Who knows?

Most toddler love music. I know I do and I can’t get enough of it. Shakespeare said “If music be the food of love, play on”. So how can you introduce music to your little one and what are the benefits?

Introducing your toddler to music is a lot easier than you think. Just turn your radio on and let your toddler listen to whatever he/she likes to listen to. Playing all kinds of music is very important for our mind development. Although you may want to buy those expensive toddler music CD’s for your toddler there really is no need to. Your toddler might even surprise you and be interested in those classical music that you like to hate. Smart baby! Play your music throughout the day and on those car rides. Sing along with your toddler as well. Silly songs and nursery rhymes are a great introduction to music.

What about musical instruments? You don’t have to run outside and buy those expensive musical instruments like a piano and drum set either. No you have the instruments right there in your kitchen. Pots and pans and wooden spoons can become your baby’s first musical instrument. If you do decide to buy a musical toy then a toy piano, toy drum or xylophone is perfect. Noisy but perfect.

Enroll your toddler into a musical class that is specific for her age group such as a Gymboree Play and Music class. Classes are generally small and last long enough to keep your toddlers attention. Its also a great way for your toddler to socialize with other toddlers close to his/her age.

So what are the benefits? Believe it or not music helps with our language development. Not only does it help with our vocabulary and memory retention but it also helps with our listening skills as well. We’re like little sponges and we soak up everything that we hear. It’s one of the reason that we can memorize certain songs like the ABC song and Head and Shoulders. What a great way to learn as well. 

Learning fun songs can help with certain rituals as well. Mommy and I sing the Clean Up song and I know that it’s time to pick up my toys and I also sing along with mommy the Brush your Teeth song whenever it’s time to brush my teeth. 

Music encourages our creativity and creativity is good! 

Music is the all powerful brain booster. Studies have shown that babies and toddlers exposed to music perform better academically. I’m not ready for school yet but isn’t it great to know that when it’s time for your toddler to start school they’ll have an advantage. 

So what are you waiting for? Introduce your toddler to some music today. Dance or waltz away to that classical song. No matter what you listen to enjoy it! 

So what kind of music do you enjoy listening to with your toddler?

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