Shop Black-Owned This Christmas with This Amazing List

The holiday season is nearly here which means it is time to start your holiday shopping if you haven’t already! This year, if you want to contribute and show your support for Black-owned businesses during the holiday season, these Black-owned businesses and brands have you covered when it comes to holiday gifts.

Last year I featured a few Black-owned brands that deserved to be on your shopping list and then some amazing Black brands you needed in your life. This year, I want to keep that support going and feature even more amazing Black-owned businesses and brands to keep in mind while you are doing your holiday shopping. 

Young King Hair Care

Free from harmful ingredients, Young King Hair Care uses only plant-based ingredients to help promote hair growth in young Black and Brown boys. Created by Stefan Miller, Young King came about when he and his wife had a son and soon discovered that there were no natural hair care products available for curly-haired boys. To change that, Young King is now on a mission to redefine male grooming with their products and to give young Black and Brown boys extra confidence and healthy hair. 


Available exclusively at Target, Culturetags has become a popular game that many families come together to play both in person and virtually. The game is based on the topics of culture and covers various categories all of which will have you guessing what the hashtags mean. Friends and family can come together to test their hashtag knowledge and have hours of fun with Culturetags.

Melanie Marie

Providing cute fashion without the high price tag is what the Melanie Marie brand and business focuses on. After years of learning and experimenting with different businesses, Melanie found her passion by creating custom jewelry and clothing for both adults and children. Along with creating and running her own business, she also started a mentor program for young girls to help them succeed in their dreams.


Partake is a Black-owned and run company that offers a variety of different gourmet cookies and flavors that are gluten-free, vegan, and allergen-friendly. Partake was created when the Woodards had a daughter that was diagnosed with severe food allergies. After being disappointed with the selection of snack and food options they could find for their daughter, Denise Woodard left her corporate job to create her own healthy snacks for their daughter. Shortly after, the family started Partake, offering allergy-friendly snacks and cookies that are also healthy to those who need them.

Cross Colours Clothing

Launched in 1989, Cross Colours was created by Carl Jones. He and his team members wanted to create a line of clothes that had only message: Clothing Without Prejudice. The original streetwear was made to promote the message of equality, empowerment, equality, and positive messages. That message is included on every piece of clothing they produce. 

Brandon Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood has created some of the bestselling fashion and accessory products on today’s market. His line of purses and sunglasses have taken over the world with many of the accessories selling out in record time. His top-of-the-line handbags come in a variety of different colors and patterns so that no matter what style you are looking for, you are sure to find one that you love.

Aya Paper Co.

Aya Paper Co. is a sustainable stationery brand that creates greeting cards, journals, and other stationery gifts. No matter what the holiday, special occasion, or celebration is, Aya Paper Co. wants to help you celebrate the people and moments that matter most with sentimental cards and gifts that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Bomba Curls

Your curls should be celebrated and that is what Bomba Curls has set out to do! Bomba Curls was created to help naturally boost the growth of your curls and maintain their fullness. Lulu Cordero, the founder of Bomba Curls, started creating her first products by using the Dominican beauty secrets she grew up with because she found herself suffering from severe traction alopecia. Over the years those secrets have been fine-tuned and perfected to give everyone a chance to take care of their curls.

Bomba Curls


If you have never heard of Jungalow or the designer behind the company Justina Blakeney, then you will soon. Justina has taken over the design world with her creative and colorful home décor. Her success started as a design blog and then grew into something much more. At Jungalow, you will find a variety of colorful and creative home décor items that connect with nature and bring good vibes into your home.

Chic Geeks

Candice Adams, the founder of Chic Geeks, was inspired to start her business when she purchased a new laptop. She wanted to find a fun and stylish cover to protect her laptop but there weren’t any available, so she set out to create stylish Apple cases for phones, computers, tablets, and more. Now, Chic Geeks offers a variety of cases that are made for those who want to add a little extra bling, texture, and fashion to their technology products.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar was created in 2012 when founder Melissa Butler wanted the beauty industry to have more diversity when it came to its products. Starting in her kitchen, she set out to create products that didn’t contain excessive amounts of unnecessary chemicals and would allow everyone to be beautiful. Today, The Lip Bar is a successful vegan and cruelty-free beauty brand that you will find in over 1,000 stores nationwide.

Buttah Skin

Made with organic ingredients, Buttah Skin is a well-known company that helps with nurturing your skin and discovering its beauty. To do that, the company combines the best of science and nature to create beauty products for both men and women. Through their cruelty-free organic skincare, Buttah Skin helps with dryness, discoloration, and other issues that are faced every day to give you glowing healthy skin.

Buttah Skin


Inspired by vibrant cultures and values, Briogeo offers texture-specific hair care products that work to repair and give volume. Briogeo is proud to offer hair care products that are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic materials to give you gluten-free, vegan, and working solutions that work.

The Koop

A handmade candle company that started out as a hobby and way to relax through creativity, The Koop is on a mission to help change the world. They are dedicated to helping immigrant families come together and giving back to the community as they make the world a better place for everyone. They have donated thousands of dollars to help black communities and causes and continue to offer candles that give you the best smells of every season. 


On a mission to make wellness more accessible and fun for all, Golde was created by a duo whose first product took off so well that they started introducing more wellness and superfood essentials. Now, the two promote taking care of yourself and boosting your daily routine through eating only the best things for your body.

You Go Natural

Creating an easy way to help protect your natural hair, You Go Natural, offers fashionable pre-tied head wraps for men and women who want to protect and take care of their hair. The company was started by Monique Little who knows life can get busy and that sometimes you don’t have time to worry about your hair. Now, she offers a variety of different products so that you don’t have to fuss with your hair and products that allow you to connect with your cultural roots.

Remember, supporting Black brands and business owners is a great way to show your support for the Black community. Whether you are shopping for friends, acquaintances, or family, these Black-owned brands offer products they will love and use every day. There is a little bit of everything on this list no matter who is on your holiday shopping list!

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