Christmas Movies to Watch with the Family

There is nothing better than curling up on the couch with the family to enjoy a festive movie for the holidays. Plus, Christmas movies or holiday-themed movies just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Sharing that with family makes the experience even better. 

If you are looking to have a low-key laid-back holiday this year or want to set aside a day for everyone to wear matching pajamas and veg out all day, watching these Christmas movies will make the perfect way to spend the day with the family.

Christmas Movies to Watch with Family


Buddy the Elf is a notable Christmas character that has come around in the last few years. Elf is about Buddy who was raised by elves in the North Pole but realizes he doesn’t fit in and isn’t like the other elves. To discover who he is, he returns home to see his dad, get a job, and become more “human” like.

The movie is full of laughs as he makes his journey and tries to start his new life. With plenty of challenges ahead of him, he never gives up on who he is or what he believes in.  

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story has become a classic movie that makes the perfect Christmas Day movie marathon. In fact, you’ll probably notice that a few T.V. stations play the movie all day long.

Even if you’ve never seen A Christmas Story, you’ve probably heard the saying “You’ll shoot your eye out!”. Well, you can thank Ralphie and his wish to have a Red Ryder gun for Christmas for that saying. The movie is also known for the novelty leg lamp that you can find at many retailers and novelty stores around the world.

Miracle on 34th Street

Another classic holiday film that everyone should see, Miracle on 34th Street is about believing and the true spirit of Christmas. The original movie came out in 1947 but a remake was done in later years. Either one is good to watch, but the kiddos would probably prefer the newer version.

Home Alone

A must-watch for many families during the holidays, Home Alone has become one of the most well-known holiday movies.

There are multiple movies in the series, and they all follow the story of Kevin, who is accidentally left home alone when his family goes on Christmas vacation. While Kevin is home alone, he overhears two robbers who are scouting the neighborhood and soon hears his address on the list to be hit. Protecting the house, Kevin sets up some unique obstacles for them to have to get through and as they try to make their way through, it is nothing but laughs. Of course, Kevin comes out on top, and eventually, the bandits are caught and arrested.

Santa Hunters

Based on a group of four children (Alex, his sister, and two cousins) who are trying to prove that Santa is real, Santa Hunters is a fun movie for kids. 

As they prepare to catch Santa, they set up cameras throughout the house and when Santa is caught, they realize that Santa loses a bit of magic every time he is seen. As Christmas starts to vanish before their eyes, the kids try and find any evidence of Santa so that they can destroy it to keep Santa’s magic going. There is always a villain and in Santa Hunters that villain is their uncle’s girlfriend who tries her hardest to get the tape so that she can sell it.

The Christmas Chronicles

Kate and Teddy are the stars of this story as they find out that Santa is in their home. Soon after he has been seen, Santa heads up to the roof as the two children follow him. As they see him hop into his sleigh with his reindeer and take off, the sleigh malfunctions and crashes. 

Santa tells the children that with the crash, all of the presents are lost just as Christmas morning is approaching, so it is up to Kate and Teddy to help Santa save Christmas by delivering all of the presents to children as fast as they can. Their journey of delivering presents does come with some challenges that they overcome to help save Christmas.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

This is a heart-warming story of three children who have been passed down gifts from their mom. One gift is an egg-shaped box that is locked and has a note that says, “Everything you need is inside”. Anxious to find out what exactly is inside the egg, the brothers and sisters find help unlocking the egg.

Clara soon finds herself in the magical world of the Fourth Realm. The Fourth Realm is full of adventure and strange characters who are working to destroy the land. Clara helps save the realm and is finally able to open the egg to see what is inside.

These Christmas movies are fun for the whole family and are full of fun adventures, magical lands, and the spirit of Christmas. They are just a few on the list of great holiday movies, but everyone will enjoy spending the day watching them.

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