The Top Reasons Why Parents Split Up Ranked

Have you ever stopped and wondered why so many modern marriages fail? For many, things like money problems, infidelity, and abuse spring to mind. But those aren’t the only reasons that spouses decide to end their relationships. In fact, some of the most common reasons for divorce aren’t what you would expect at all. 

Reasons Parents Split Up Ranked

The following infographic breaks down the top reasons why parents split up plus some interesting statistics. Infidelity is the number one driver of divorces, as you might expect. However, there are many other reasons too. Things such as arguing too much, falling out of love, and failing to communicate anymore are all top contributors to the current problem of marital breakdown. For some people, “being unhappy” is enough of a reason to split. 

In general, couples try their best to stay together. Many spend years working on their relationships, hoping that things will improve. However, many marriages eventually fail. So even working hard on trying to fix things isn’t always the answer. 

Perhaps the biggest driver for couples to stay together is their kids, however, there are ways to tell your kids you’re getting a divorce. Many don’t want to split up before their teens leave home, encouraging them to work harder on their relationships. Furthermore, some spouses see divorce as a personal failure. They want to keep working at their marriages because they are worried about how they will view themselves afterward. 

The following infographic ranks the top ten reasons why people get divorced.

By Spodek Law Group Los Angeles
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