Five Fun Ways Your Family Can Celebrate The End Of Summer

All good things must come to an end – summer included. After a couple of months of fun-filled days in the sun, sleeping in, and spending time with friends, your kids had the perfect summer break and might be disappointed to learn it’s time to head back to the classroom.

Thankfully, you don’t have to let summer end on a sad note! Instead of allowing your kids to dread the start of school, do something special to celebrate the end of the season with your family and make the transition a little more exciting. Not sure how to make the end of summer feel like fun? Here are five easy ways your family can celebrate the end of summer together:

Ways to Celebrate The End Of Summer

Get wet!

Summer is the best time – and, in some places, the only time – of year to go for a swim. Take advantage of the warm weather and cool off with your little ones at a local splash pad, public pool, or water park. Live near a lake, or better yet, the beach? Load up the car, pack a picnic lunch, and take the family out for a day on the shore. Don’t forget to bring the sunscreen and these skincare tips!

Plan an End-of-Summer BBQ.

There’s nothing that says summer like a backyard cookout! Pick a weekend and invite some friends over for an afternoon of fun. Set up lawn games like cornhole and bocce ball, serve up some burgers and brats, and let everyone relax and enjoy some time together. If you have a fire pit, wait until the sun goes down and surprise everyone with s’mores!

Ways to Celebrate The End Of Summer

Stay Up Late.

For one night only, throw bedtime out the window and stay up late as a family. You can watch a movie marathon together, plan a family game night with a few of these old-school board games, or lay down in the backyard and see who can spot the most constellations in the starry sky. The novelty of staying up late won’t be lost on your little ones.

Take a Mini Road Trip.

Once school is back in session, it can be hard to find time to get away together as a family, so take advantage of the kids’ empty schedules and plan a little road trip! Depending on how much your family enjoys spending time in the car, you can choose a destination a few hours’ drive away, or you can take a long weekend and go on a sightseeing adventure. Wherever you decide to go, find a few fun stops and detours to explore along the way!

Camp Out!

Summer is prime camping season. If your family loves to camp, reserve a spot at your local campground and enjoy a night under the stars – or just set the tent up in the backyard. Don’t have a tent or any place to truly camp? Time to get creative! Use some sheets and blankets to make a “tent” in your living room, blow up the air mattress, and “camp” there as a family! Snuggle up in your sleeping bags and share ghost stories with the lights turned low. If this is your first time camping, consider these tips on how to plan your family’s camping trip.

From backyard barbeques to water balloon fights, there are tons of ways to celebrate the end of summer and have a blast with your family. Does your family do anything special to wrap up the summer months? Leave a comment and let me know!

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