4 Trends in the Post-Pandemic Dating Landscape You Need To Know About

It is undeniable that the pandemic has forever changed the way we date. Does this mean that after so many months indoors you go into a totally different dating world? Maybe. And, because of it, it is essential to prepare for what’s expected of you out there. Yes, finding the other has to share years and experiences with has always been difficult for everyone. 

Now, the pandemic has leveled up the game, and many people have found it increasingly challenging to catch up with the latest dating trends. Luckily, some emerging patterns are becoming increasingly clearer, and dating apps are doing their best to help single people out. Here’s all you need to know to navigate the post-pandemic dating world.  

Post-Pandemic Dating

Virtual Dates

Virtual dates have become particularly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, and they have allowed people around the world to continue meeting others, searching for their soulmate, and fighting loneliness. Nonetheless, what is surprising, is that virtual dates have not dropped in popularity since the easing of restrictions and social distancing measures. 

And, in a survey conducted by Hinge UK, 69% of participants report their interest in continuing with virtual dates after the Covid-19 pandemic ends. This interest might be a reflection of this generation’s relationship with technology – but it is also a way to meet people from the four corners of the world, thus expanding your pool of candidates!

Safer Dates

Virtual dates are up and coming – but old-fashion dates are not dead! Classical outings at the funfair, mini-golf, or amusement parks are still an option for most couples-to-be. However, with the restrictions that came with the pandemic, many have reconsidered the benefits of meeting outdoors and enjoying activities that don’t have to be carried out in small rooms. From outside sports, walks, and coffee dates, there are plenty of options to meet someone new in all safety!

More Honest Interactions

People have started to build more honest relationships from the start. And, those who date now tend to be more upfront with their goals and values. So, it has become more common for people to spell out their desires before going deeper into the relationship – maybe because of the pandemic and the atmosphere of instability that has made us more aware of our goals. Whether you are after your first long-term relationship or you have returned to dating as a single parent, you should be honest about how you see yourself with the other person. 

Dating Apps

Dating apps have played a major role in the dating world for years, and they have adapted to the emerging needs of people during the pandemic. Now, you can find a wide array of apps and platforms that can help you find exactly what you are looking for. For many, this is extremely important – there is no need to hide tabu subjects, you can find someone on your same wavelength in just a click! From apps that encourage long-lasting relationships to platforms like thechatlinenumbers, there are many more tools to use to find the right person for you!

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