How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

 There are milestones in people’s lives that are universal and pretty much everyone can relate to. One of these would be your wedding day. It marks the beginning of a new chapter with someone else, and it brings with it so much hope and prospect for your future. This is why so many people feel that the celebration is such a big deal. They want everyone to have a great time and remember the day of their wedding as one that was worth celebrating. One of the factors that can really make or break the mood of a wedding is the music. If you’re playing dull music, then everyone will get bored and irritated, and end up leaving early. This is why we’re going to help you with what you need to do to choose the right music for your wedding day.


The first thing you need to do before you start picking out the music and check out the arrangement of the wedding events. You have different sections, so make sure you clarify what those are and the order that they’re going to be in. This means that you have the very beginning, where people start to arrive- think if you want simple music to be playing in the background or if you want a live band playing until it’s time to walk up the aisle. Then you have the aisle music, the reception, the dinner and of course, the dancing. 


The aisle music is extremely important because this is when everything changes for you and your partner. This is where you make the transition from partners to spouses with everyone watching, and it’s pretty much an epic performance that you will remember for the rest of your life, so it has to be perfect. You need to go on a quest to really do some research to find out what is the best music to walk down the aisle to, and if it suits you and your partner. You also want to make the decisions of whether a live band will be performing this music or if you’d rather have a recording played. You need to keep in mind the acoustics, depending on whether the event is indoors or outdoors, and how many people you’re inviting, so the sound is not drowned out either. 

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day


You will probably want to have a DJ at some point of the wedding, and you definitely want to have the right one! Don’t go with the assumption that all DJs are the same. They have different styles, and you need one that is accommodating to your taste and needs. This is why it’s always advisable for you to interview a couple of them to feel them out. You need them to be professional, arrive on time and know exactly what they’re doing in terms of sound engineering, especially if something goes wrong. The best DJs will always be prepared and know exactly what to do if something goes wrong. 


You have to have an extensive list of what kind of music you want to play at your wedding. This is a decision you need to make with your partner, so sit down together and write up a list of your favorite songs, and also the songs that you definitely do not want to have played. This is because it’s not uncommon for DJs to go rogue every once in a while and play something out of the blue that isn’t on your list in the heat of the moment. You also want to make sure that you keep all the guests in consideration because you will have people of all ages, and you want to keep everyone happy, so mix it up to cater to everyone’s needs for everyone to have a great time. 


The first dance is a pivotal moment in every wedding. The song has to be perfect and symbolic. It needs to be a song that holds meaning for both of you, like a song you heard when you first met, or the moment you fell for each other. 

How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

If you follow the tips provided here, you’re set for your wedding music. The key is to organize yourself and prepare for any setbacks, so it’s important to have professional sound technicians takes care of things and even be present at the wedding in case anything goes wrong. Always have a backup plan in case a speaker goes out or there’s a power outage, so that the fun doesn’t have to end, no matter what the situation is so that your wedding is memorable for all the right reasons.

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