6 Good Reasons You Shouldn’t Skip a Home Inspection

Good Reasons You Shouldn't Skip a Home Inspection

 After an endless search, you have finally landed at your dream home, and you can’t wait to complete the signing process and gain ownership of the home. The search has been wrong and tiring, and you feel a single glance together with a house visit is enough to convince you to make an offer. However, that could be a recipe for disaster when you skip getting a home inspection.

Perhaps you feel the house visit gives you reasons enough on any issues the home might have. However, getting a home inspection is one of the essential steps you shouldn’t skip in your homeownership journey. Below are the six reasons why you shouldn’t waive getting a home inspection before buying a home.


If you ignore the essence of having a home inspection before purchasing a home, you can be in for a rude shock. Sometimes, you may have expensive repairs in the future, which you would have avoided. The inspection is ideal in eliminating any fears you may have about possible defects throughout the home. Ideally, you can evaluate what is wrong in the house and how the proper way forward in making timely repairs.

Furthermore, if there are defects in the home, they will continue degenerating over time. A timely house inspection will give you a detailed report highlighting any repairs that you need to have. When you address an issue in time, you will avoid costly repairs, resulting in replacements of different parts.


If you value the convenience and freedom of saying no when you don’t like a product or service, a house inspection will do you justice. If you find the issues are intense and can amount to a considerable amount of resources, you have a chance to walk away with ease. You don’t have the burden of shouldering the problems wondering whether your home is safe and pleasant for you. Sometimes, the seller may also lack the capability to make the repairs before handing over the home to you. In such an instance, it is advisable to walk away.

You may also realize that the repairs will need an endless money stream due to constant refurbishments, which will give you a financial setback. Ideally, if you disagree on how to go about the repairs, you have no reason to hold you back if you decide not to go ahead with the purchase.


After a home inspection, it will reveal underlying issues that need urgent repair. You can only purchase if you and the seller conclude the repairs to be done. Therefore, you can ask the seller to scale down the selling price. You can ask them to reduce the cost if you make the repairs yourself. Alternatively, you can also ask them to first complete the repairs before buying the home.

Good Reasons You Shouldn't Skip a Home Inspection


Remember, the home you choose should offer safety in all aspects. You wouldn’t want to buy a house then come to realize later that it is not ideal for your wellbeing. The home inspection report will highlight harmful substances present in the home, like mold, affecting your health.



Before doing a home inspection, you may be confident that you could get the best deal. You may see beautiful lawns, high-quality finishes, and even top of the range appliances, but have ugly defects underneath. You can only uncover the deep issues if you follow the guidelines in getting a home inspection.

Additionally, you may be tempted to assume that you can avoid the process if you are getting a new home. However, no single housing unit will have zero concerns, even if it is new. It is essential to identify the foundation and plans underneath the glamour of the first glance.



Thanks to a home inspection, you can evaluate any illegal home additions on the property. Ideally, every addition following the first construction should have legal documents that outline the proper construction legal codes and permits. Typically, if the expansion did not use the correct standard channel, it means that it does not exist. Therefore, later on, if a septic tank was constructed illegally, you may have trouble working on it in the future.


Good Reasons You Shouldn't Skip a Home Inspection

Furthermore, you also have the upper hand in getting a good insurance cover protecting you against any loss. You are not in a position to get insurance for your home if you do not have a home inspection report. It will also offer you an excellent way of planning future expenses that you will incur in revamping the home.

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