Last-Minute Holiday Decor Tips

Anyone else out there who completely neglects to decorate for the holidays until just a few weeks before Christmas? I know I’m not alone in this. The last few months of the year are absolutely filled with so many events, holidays, and things, that by the time we get to December, I’m a little bit burned out.

Decorations for Halloween have gone up and down, Thanksgiving festivities have begun and ended, and now we’ve arrived in December, holidays abound. My Christmas tree is nowhere to be seen, my front door is not adorned with a wreath, and pine is the farthest thing from what my home smells like. If you’re like me and scrambling to get things decorated, here are a few last-minute ideas!

Make a Wall Tree

Don’t have time to go get a Christmas tree? The perfect understated solution to replace a Christmas tree is a wall tree. There are a few different ways to make and decorate a wall tree. You can use almost anything. Garlands, Christmas lights, a string of pom poms, the possibilities are endless. You’ll just attach your material of choice to the wall in a zig-zagged, tree pattern. You can add ornaments, and decorate it as much or as little as you’d like. This is also a fun idea for children’s rooms! Instead of getting individual trees for those rooms, you can let them decorate a wall tree with you. This makes it extra fun and engaging for them, and makes your home look just a little bit more festive.

Garlands, Garlands Everywhere

A garland is really one of the best ways to celebrate for the holidays. You can use them just about anywhere in your home, to add a bit of festivity and color to your home. Tack them up along the edges of your countertops, mantle, and tables. You can craft them into wreaths to place on the fronts of doors, the possibilities are virtually endless! Garlands are also super inexpensive, and you can choose anything from pine to pom poms, to anything in between.

Faux Luminaries

If you haven’t had a chance to string Christmas lights around the exterior of your home, then luminaries may be perfect for you! Traditionally, luminaries are candles placed inside of a paper bag, with designs cut out of the bag. You can line them up along walkways and paths. An easier, and safer, way to do this, is to use those little faux tea lights! You can also skip the designs in the paper bag, because it’s still a beautiful decoration with the light just coming through the bag. Put a scoop of sand in the bottom of the bag before putting the candle in, so the bag will stay put and won’t get caught up in a strong winter breeze and end up in your neighbors’ yard.

Use Candy in Your Daily Decor

Who doesn’t love a little bit of holiday candy? Besides it being some of the best seasonal candy available, it’s beautiful! The stripes and colors are perfect, so why not use them in our holiday decor? Grab a vase, and fill them with your favorite brightly colored peppermints or candy canes, and put it out for the viewing pleasure of all of your house guests!

Get into the holiday spirit with these simple tips and get your decorating skills in action. You’ll be amazed at how easy it all comes together.

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