Pack These 8 Essentials for Your Next Beach Getaway

 Even before you choose a vacation spot, make sure your beach gear is packed and ready to go!

8 Essentials for Your Next Beach Getaway

1. Waterproof Phone Case

Do we even need to think twice about it? The fastest way to spoil a vacation is to lose your phone and everything important stored in it. And, let’s be real, water can really do a number on a phone. What do you look for from a waterproof phone case?

You can use your phone while it’s in the case. What’s the use of a waterproof phone case if you need to take it out every time you need to use it?

Rubber bumpers protect your phone from damage. Often, you need to remove your original phone case to put it in the waterproof one. Rubber, bump-proof cases help you protect your phone. 

2. Underwater Digital Camera

Does it feel too extra to have an underwater camera added to all the cameras you already have? Maybe, until you see something while snorkeling that you just wish you could capture on camera. What should you look for?

Check the depth limits. The deeper underwater you go, the more pressure your camera suffers. Make sure to get a camera that matches how deep you plan to go.

Macro shooting modes. Some brilliant underwater details can’t be captured by a regular lens. A macro shooting mode gives you an option to highlight what you want your audience to see. 

3. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes to a beach getaway? Isn’t it just for longer trips? Not at all! A beach getaway automatically means you’ll be around both water and sand for prolonged amounts of time. Packing cubes, used correctly, save your things from unsanctioned baths.

Dependable zippers. The true test of a packing cube is if your things split it at the zipper, even when the bag is closed. Look for packing cubes with a reputation for solid zipper lines. 

Multiple sizes. A good packing cube set gives you containers for everything from shirts to hair ties. Multiple sizes help you creatively fit them into the luggage, like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. 

4. Swimwear

It’s not a beach getaway without new swimwear! Although here’s a tip: if you have absolutely no time to grab a new swimsuit, hunt down your best sports bra and pair it with cycling shorts. Instant two-piece!

What’s “in” this year?

Combining prints. Do floral and stripes look off to you? Apparently, they’re all the rage! Pair a floral top to a striped bottom for a dramatic, hard-to-ignore look.

Color blocking. On the other side, different solid colors blocked with each other also make for a striking swimsuit. 

Repeating icons. One icon, repeated a hundred times over the swimsuit? The pattern is sure to draw attention. 

5. Swimsuit Cover-Up

Swimwear is not all there is. Any beach trip has the sun to contend with. Even as you pack your swimsuit, don’t forget your cover-up!

Kimono style. Kimono styles, open in the front, are easy to put on and easy to slip off when you want to get back into the water. They are also airy and tend to dry easily.

Maxi dress. An oversized maxi dress is perfect for high noon or even at night when the cold sets in. Choose a breathable fabric with long sleeves to protect your skin. 

Caftan. This large, flowy piece easily falls over your swimwear and flies up as you walk, letting the air circulate freely. 

6. Beach Mat

Beach mats are necessary if you want to spend time in one part of the beach without moving. You can leave your things there, meet people there, or simply rest, eat, or sleep.

Sand-free. A great number of beach mats are designed so that sand doesn’t stick to them. After the day ends, you can just shake the mat out and bring it home.

Easy to dry. Like with swimsuits, the last thing you want at the end of the day is a large damp blanket just refusing to dry up. Make sure your beach mat is easy to dry and quickly ready for another run. 

7. Beach Bag

When it comes to beach bags, what is the biggest priority for you? If it’s style, then you won’t mind taking a straw beach bag along, despite all the leaks. If you look for durability, a canvas beach bag would hit the spot for you. Polyester or nylon, on the other hand, are waterproof and great for carrying your gear, especially your clothes. One out-of-the-box option is also to use mesh bags instead. They are not waterproof, but they dry uncommonly quickly and can hold quite a lot of things. 

8. Waterproof Sunscreen

You can have all the other gear and still ruin your day by getting a sunburn. Don’t forget your sunscreen, waterproof to give you an edge and perfect enjoyment in the waves. Make sure that it is at least SPF 30, as that will offer more protection. Anything between SPF 30 to  50 is already adequate for your needs. 

It doesn’t take much to have a great beach vacation. Don’t forget anything on this list!

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