Top 7 Cheap Things to Do in Orlando

Are you planning a trip to Orlando? Want to have fun without breaking the bank? Check out our list of the top 7 cheap things to do in Orlando! Discover amazing, affordable activities that will make your vacation one to remember.


In 2022, 74 million people visited Orlando. It remains one of the most visited cities in the nation and has a lot to offer tourists of all types.

If you’re planning to visit Orlando, however, it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. There are plenty of things to do in the city that are free or affordable. 

Here are the top 7 cheap things to do in Orlando.

Cheap Things to Do in Orlando

1. Take the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour

When in Orlando, you might want to consider taking the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour. 

On this tour, you’ll take a narrated trip through historic Winter Park and spend time on three lakes and two narrow canals. You can learn a lot about the city, wildlife, and historical sites on this tour. 

The boat trip is priced very reasonably at only $16 for adults. Although the tour lasts for about an hour, the cost is very affordable and well worth it. 

2. Visit a Local Museum

If you’d like to experience some culture in Orlando, you might want to spend time visiting one of the city’s many local museums. While the museums in Orlando vary in price, many are cheap, and some are even free. 

Consider visiting the Rollins Museum of Art or the Zora Neale Hurston Museum at no charge. For a small fee of less than $10, you can also visit The Charles Hosmer Morse Museum of American Art, The Museum of Seminole County History, the Orange County Regional History Center, or the Mennello Museum of American Art.

Each of these museums will provide you with a great experience, and you’ll be sure to learn a lot during your visit.

3. Take On an Escape Room Challenge

Visiting an escape room is another activity that you can do affordably when on vacation in Orlando. Depending on how many people are playing the game, it could cost about $30 or less per person.

In an escape room, there will be puzzles that you’ll need to solve to escape the room or meet a specific goal. Taking on this challenge with your friends or family members can be a lot of fun. 

Fortunately, Orlando is a great place for escape rooms. Consider visiting an escape room while in the area if you want to have a memorable and affordable experience in the city.

4. Pick Produce at Southern Hill Farms

If you want to have a great time for a low price when you visit Orlando, you might want to pay a visit to Southern Hill Farms. Located to the west of Orlando, the farm provides a great family-friendly experience that allows you to walk away with some amazing produce. 

Admission to the farm is free, and when you visit, you’ll find tractor rides, homemade food and drinks to purchase, and food trucks. You’ll also be able to spend some time on the farm by getting a U-pick field pass. This will allow you to pick blueberries, peaches, sunflowers, and more.

While the produce you buy will cost you, it’s very affordable, and the experience is well worth it.

5. Go Hiking or Cycling

If you’re looking to have a more active experience in Orlando, then you’ll be happy to learn that the city has plenty to offer in this department as well. There are some great hiking and biking trails that you can explore when in the area, so consider paying some of them a visit.

Lake Lotus Park, for example, has 150 acres total, including 120 acres of woods and wetlands to navigate. You can hike or bike through the park, let your children play on the playground, or have a picnic or BBQ.

Other great trails to check out include the Orlando Urban Trail, the Tibet-Butler Preserve, and the West Orange Trail, to name a few.

6. View the Live Gator Exhibit

No trip to Florida is complete without seeing an alligator or two! If you’re spending time in Orlando on the cheap, then you might want to visit the Live Gator Exhibit at Black Hammock Adventures.

Located East of Orlando, The Black Hammock Adventure Complex offers a lot of value to visitors. At this complex, you’ll be able to take airboat rides and visit an award-winning restaurant, the Lazy Gator Bar, and a gift shop.

The alligator exhibit can be exciting to visit for both kids and adults, so be sure to check it out. You’ll especially want to consider visiting on Sunday, when you’ll be able to watch the gators get fed. 

7. Spend Time in Disney Springs

While going to Disney World is a much more expensive activity, there are parts of Disney that you can go to for free in Orlando. Disney Springs is free to visit and still offers plenty of family fun.

At Disney Springs, you’ll be able to visit a multitude of stores and restaurants. Visiting The LEGO Store, the T-Rex Cafe, and the World of Disney can be a great start. You can also see the free stage shows that are available, visit splash zones, and take a free water shuttle ride to one of Disney’s resorts.

There’s quite a bit to experience at Disney Springs, so consider going even if a full trip to Disney World isn’t on your itinerary.

Finding Cheap Things to Do in Orlando

When looking for cheap things to do in Orlando, you’ll find that there are plenty of great options. Visiting Disney Springs, taking the Winter Park Scenic Boat Tour, or going to an escape room are just a few of the memorable activities that you can enjoy while in the area.

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