3 Reasons Friends Are Important

Friendship is a strange concept when you stop to think about it. Take complete strangers who aren’t related at all and give them some things in common, and you can have a friendship that lasts for life. There is no reason for who we become friends with in many cases, and often it can just be luck or circumstance that puts us together. Yet despite the relative randomness of it all, friendship has several benefits to our lives. Here are some of the biggest reasons to have friends. 

Reasons Friends Are Important

More Self-Confidence 

It’s easy to doubt your own abilities and how you live your life, which can lead to a massive loss of self-confidence. When you aren’t self-confident, you can easily miss out on opportunities to better yourself through promotion, applying for a new job, or just trying something new in your life in general. Although you may doubt yourself, your friends won’t doubt you. In fact, far from it; they will boost your self-confidence by reminding you that you can do whatever you are worried about. They know you intimately, and they understand why you are afraid, but they also know that this is definitely something you are capable of and will help you to see that too. 

In return, think of the times your friends have been having their own self-doubts. It’s probable that you were there for them to help them realize their true potential. This is just one of thing important things friends can do for one another. 

Prevent Loneliness 

Being alone is good for us sometimes. It’s when we can really reflect on what we’re doing and recharge and re-energize, ready to face new challenges. Being lonely is something entirely different. It’s possible to be alone but not lonely because we have good friends who are on the other end of the phone, or who will always reply to a text or message. It’s possible to be with many other people and still be lonely because none of them really have a connection with you. This is another reason why having friends is important, and why meeting up with them for a meal, an activity, or just for a quick cup of coffee is good for us. 

Feeling lonely for an extended period of time can easily turn into depression which is a terrible mental illness that has a devastating effect on lives; this is why, if you can’t be with your friends, you can try Latino free chat lines to speak to someone. If you have friends you can rely on, even if they live many hundreds or thousands of miles away, you won’t be lonely, even if you are on your own. 

You’re Accepted 

We all have moments when we think we’re unusual or weird and when we believe that what we enjoy doing is ‘uncool’ or crazy. True friends will never believe that; they will accept us for who we are and what we do because they love us just the way we are. 

Remember that we all have flaws and weaknesses, and that’s just part of being human. The problem is that some people judge far too harshly, making those flaws and imperfections seem a lot worse than they are. Friends will never do that; they will look at the positive aspects of your life and personality and boost that up, helping you feel good and happy. 

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