De-Stress – The Mini Vacation We All Need

I’m going to be honest and say that the past few weeks has been some of the most stressful weeks in my life to date. One of the most complicated things to manage within your life is stress. Maybe you’re a  mother of 4 like I am – and you’re always on the go. Or you’re a busy entrepreneur who’s trying to make a name for yourself. Either way – your daily activities are going to come with complications and stress, it’s simply an inevitable part of life. Stress can wreak havoc on your body and create an array of health issues for anyone who becomes over-stressed. Just some of the issues that stress can cause are asthma, obesity, diabetes, headaches, depression, and anxiety or even premature death. There’s no doubt – that if you’re a person with a busy schedule, you could potentially have any of these issues yourself. Just thinking about those health concerns can cause you to stress out, so why not take a moment of reflection and learn how to de-stress with little effort.

Your health is important – after all, if you’re not around to keep doing what you’re doing, things won’t get done. Taking the time that is necessary for yourself to relieve that stress is just as important as the everyday activities that you do. Learning to take some time for yourself can help release the tremendous pressure that you may be under is the first step in having a mini vacation for yourself as a means to move forward in the de-stressing process.

Identifying your trigger points that cause you stress are the second most important aspect of allowing yourself to de-stress. Without it – the very things that can cause your stress could be carried with you everywhere you go. Before you can fix a problem – you must first identify what that problem may be. Whether it’s your job, relationship, family member – or anything else that causes you stress – learn to pinpoint what it is.

Once you’ve pinpointed the cause, remember that this is the very thing that must be left behind when you head out and start your journey to destress, you must let it go. Take a deep breath, write out your thoughts, do whatever it takes to release the cause of your stress. Taking it with you doesn’t help to solve your internal problem. Instead – you’re only thinking about the same issues, but in a different place. Leaving the very issues that cause you this internal nuisance  – is the key to your successful mini vacation.

Most people think that you have to do some extravagant get-a-way in order to de-stress the way you need. But the irony of that scenario is that it actually creates more stress within your life. You have to plan, maybe buy airline tickets, schedule hotel reservations – car rentals and more. This alone can add to your anxiety levels when trying to get all this done. After all, you’re already a busy person with a lot to do.

Planning a mini-vacation can result in less stress, and rejuvenate you in ways that you may have thought weren’t possible. Mini vacations are random road trips or possibly trips to local places that help you to de-stress in the ways you need. For example, if you like hiking – you could find a local town forest that allows you to hike the trails and find some remote location where you can sit and relax and enjoy the view. Something like this allows you to become peaceful internally because of the relaxation you get from the scenery and nature.

Maybe another way to de-stress is by taking a trip to a local bed and breakfast where you can enjoy the peace and serenity of a different atmosphere, detached from all of your electronics and connection to the world. Learning to “unplug” from your everyday norm – can help you significantly de-stress yourself. A bed and breakfast help your mind to believe that you are at some far away place – but the reality is, you’re still close enough to home if you need to be.

If you’re athletic – some of the simple ways to de-stress are simply by taking a 10-minute brisk walk or go for a jog. These techniques help to increase blood flow to your brain – which in turn helps you focus on the task at hand and de-stresses you. It’s also beneficial for you – because increased blood flow can increase your creativity levels as well as the happy hormones in your brain, thus naturally creating a de-stressed mind.

Another way to de-stress is as simple as eating healthy. Having a banana has been shown to decrease your stress level because of the potassium levels found within it. The same thing applies to a potato. The potassium actually helps to regulate blood pressure which increases during your times of stress. Not a potassium fan? Try some nuts or seeds that are full of nutrients that naturally destress your body.

There are many ways that you can decrease that feeling you have within that can completely overwhelm you. Whatever the cause may be – there’s a cure for it. Finding that cure for yourself is the key to overcome the scenario that creates the stress. Learning to take that mini-vacation you need can help you realign with yourself and completely revitalize your energy you need to overcome the obstacles that you have in your way. Mini vacations do not have to be costly or time-consuming. They can simply be done by impulse – and can help your inner being become peaceful and focused.

Not all vacations need to be the traditional ones that we think about. Instead, they can be simple, easy, inexpensive and most of rewarding for the soul. The first priority in life is to take care of you – both internally and externally. And through life’s experiences – it can be agreed that in order for your external surroundings to be peaceful – you must first find peace within. Those who can find the balance between peace and stress – live more successful and healthy lives.

If there’s anything that you’ve taken away from this article – it’s understanding that in order to achieve your future goals – you must first learn to keep focused – and de-stressed. The mini vacation approach can significantly help set your mind free of any worries you may have. It can rejuvenate your soul in ways you never thought were possible. Mini vacations can be on the one thing that keeps you stable and gives you the energy you need to stay focused on the tasks at hand – and not become overwhelmed.

Let’s discuss: What are some of the ways that you have learned to de-stress? 

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