D.E.A.R. – Preserving Your Relationship

DEAR – we’ve all said it at least once in our life to our significant other. “Yes Dear”, or maybe “I love you Dear!”. But have you ever stopped and really thought about the word and what it means to you in a relationship? Usually the answer will be “my partner” to most people – but there’s a different way to look at it – and use it to your advantage in a relationship. Today I’m going to share with you how the simple word DEAR can help you preserve your relationship with your significant other.

People who have been married for countless years have figured out the secret, but maybe you’re not that far along yet with yours. Either way – the simple technique can change how you feel and react to situations within your relationship with your partner. You see, most people live their lives and have their relationship with their partner – but tend to make the little things in life get to them. And sometimes people may end up taking things out on their partner that they don’t really mean to do. This type of action can place a significant burden on your relationship and make it hard to get through.

But if you remember what the word “DEAR” really means when you look at it from a different perspective – it could actually help you save the bond between you and your loved one. When you use “DEAR” as an acronym – it can help you to keep your trying times under control and help you to focus on what’s really important – the love you have for one another.

And the acronym for “DEAR” could be whatever you imagine. People come up with all kinds of sayings and abbreviate them. But by remembering this acronym, it could literally mean the difference between a long term relationship – or one that lasts just a few months. You may say the word constantly and it actually means something to you – but taking it for granted can destroy your everlasting love that you have with someone.

Here’s the simple acronym for “DEAR” that will help preserve your relationship and never let your relationship be destroyed.

     “DEAR – Don’t Ever Argue in Relationships”

Yep! It’s simply – that easy. No matter how frustrated you may be with yourself or your partner, learning not to argue within your relationship could mean the difference between a short term and a long term relationship. Arguing with your partner causes stress, frustration, anger and resentment between both of you. Usually those feelings can never be fully expressed by you or your partner. That leads to tension within your relationship – and could ultimately lead to the break up that you may not want.

Learning to keep a level head about issues that may arise and talk about them calmly with your partner will help to strengthen your relationship – and create a bond of trust between the two of you that lays the foundation for something long term. And while that may be difficult to achieve at times – remembering that you established this relationship for a reason helps you to get by. Your partner is your “DEAR” – someone that you love and care for very much. Someone who means something to you. So treat that person with the respect and love they deserve. Arguing with them won’t achieve the success that you desire in your relationship because you’re focusing on the wrong things – like others do.

Instead – remember that your “DEAR” is the person who matters to you, your partner in crime, the one you chose for a reason. DEAR is the person that you are currently with and helps you get through every choice that has to be made. Learn to focus on the acronym – and mean it. It could become the one thing that saves your relationship from failing like so many do.

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