What to Consider When Buying a New Car ~ #LetsGoPlaces

Buying a car is not like buying a pair of shoes. You just don’t go into the store, hand over your credit card and leave. There are a few things to consider.

I am currently in the market for a new car. Our mini-van died after only 7 years, and I keep asking myself, how can a van that is not 10 years old die? Well, that’s the thing. It happens. So now I’m once again looking for a brand new vehicle that we can road trip in. So what are the things that you have to consider when purchasing a new vehicle? As a family of 6, there are usually a few things that I look for. Today I’ll be sharing them with you.


Consider Your Budget

Whether you lease, finance or pay cold hard cash, you’re going to want to consider your budget. How much can you afford monthly while still living comfortably. Take into consideration gas, insurance and even your annual registration fees.


Do you need a sports car or a minivan? If you’re single having a convertible may suit your needs, however, if you have a family of 6 like I do, you’re going to need a vehicle with seating for 6 and more. Think of transporting your kids and their friends to a concert. The Toyota Highlander has seating for 8

Entertainment & Technology Features

Do you need navigation or how about a back up camera? I say yes for me. While I can buy a stand alone navigation system, it takes up necessary room and takes away from the aesthetic of the vehicle. I also have little kids and we go on road trips once a year, sometimes more. Having an entertainment system that will keep my kids occupied while I drive is essential. While the 2017 Toyota Highlander has it an option, it’s one option that I would seriously consider.

Safety Features

Blind spot indicator, lane departure alert, auto high beams, are these features that you can benefit from? While some cars such as Toyotas come standard with these safety features, other vehicles may have them as options that you will have to pay for. Personally, I need these options, especially blind spot indicator. I can’t begin to tell you how many near misses I have had. The Toyota Highlander comes equipped with all these safety features and so much more.

Storage Space

Trunk space is also something that I look for when shopping for a new vehicle. Not only do I need the space for our luggage while road tripping, but since I have a big family, that means our grocery shopping can be enormous. I tend to shop at warehouse clubs a LOT, so having that trunk space is a requirement.

Spare Tire

It seems that lately, more and more auto manufactures while trying to cut back on cost are removing the spare tire. Sure you’ll have more space in your trunk, but when you’re on the road, in the middle of nowhere with a flat, you’re going to need that spare tire. Consider cars that include them.

Power Axles

Front wheel drive (FWD), rear wheel drive (RWD) or all wheel drive (AWD)? Which do you need? FWD’s have better fuel economy and tend to handle better in inclement weather compared to RWD vehicles. However, rear wheel drive vehicles accelerates faster which is why they tend to be more on sport models. If you would love to have better traction in all types of weather and on all surfaces, then an AWD vehicle may be what you need. Some AWD vehicles however gives you the option to reduce to front or rear when driving on roads. If you do go with an AWD vehicle, know that you will be sacrificing your fuel economy.

Fuel Economy

Your cars fuel economy could mean the difference between $100 or $500 or more on gas monthly. Always look at the mileage that your new car can give and take into consideration the highway and city miles. While getting a hybrid would certainly save you money on gas, there are cars with great mileage. The 2017 Toyota Highlander comes equipped with a Start and Stop Engine system that shuts off the engine when stopped in traffic to save you on fuel. With the price of gas forever increasing, you want to save as much money as you can.

I test drove the 2017 Toyota Highlander and I have to say that I was fairly impressed. It has everything that I needed and I am seriously considering making this my next purchase. To be honest with you, I am in love with all of Toyota’s vehicles that I have driven so far. I am especially in love with their safety features that come standard that other vehicle makers will charge you for. Way to go Toyota! If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, head to your nearest Toyota dealer and take the 2017 Toyota Highlander for a spin!

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