10 Ways to Prove Your Fashion Game in a Party

Dressing right on par with current trends is an excellent way of capturing everyone’s interest while you step into a party. Keeping your fashion A-game up is easier than you think and there are simple and minimalistic ways of making this happen.

So, here are 10 ways in which you can prove your best fashion game in any party with ease.

1. LAYER IT: While layering sounds like too simple of a path to take it can go a great way into creating multiple looks. The advantage with layering is you can sport different looks in the same set of outfit at different times of the party by adding or removing some parts of it. It is also pretty efficient when it comes to creating a good look on a windy or chilly day without looking too bundled up or freezing.

2. HALF-TUCK AND ROLLS: The best ways to keep you on the top of your fashion game is to give a sexy twist to a simple look and flaunt it with confidence. You can pull off even a simple t-shirt or blouse when styled with a half tuck. Imagine a sporty and sexy look that is casual and confident and pulling it off at a party with a glass of shimmery viniq cocktail in hand? Charming, isn’t it? Similarly rolled up sleeves gives a subtle front to the overall look. This freshens up even a very casual look such as when denim is rolled at the ankle and makes it look chic and adorable.

3. CONTRAST YOUR JEWELRY: Stack up on jewelry in case you want to pull off an effortless dress or a very subtle look overall. If you are going for plain colors, or simple outfits then jewelry is the right way to up your game a notch. Similarly, if you are going for bold statement looks like shimmery clothing or makeup then try to keep your jewelry minimalistic to ensure the overall look doesn’t look like an overdo.

4. CLINCH: One of the go-to fashion trends that is the easiest to pull off is an oversized outfit clinched at the waist. Clinching helps accentuate your figure along with defining the overall outfit better. Experiment with thick belts, corsets, etc. that match your bag or your shoes to go with your outfit. This look will particularly be useful during winter when you want to make your cable knit sweater look more stylish.

5. MIX UP SOME COLORS: Knowing the colors that pop your complexion and figure is essential to stay on top. But instead of going for solid colors look for a splash of colors through patterns or layers that is complementary and pleasing. You can either work with the same color palette and try a monochrome or mix around a vibrant range of colors to make the overall look energetic and bold. Textures, patterns, etc, add depth to the outfit and gives it a fresh twist.

6. JUMPSUITS: We often get caught up in the fashion rules that dedicate certain outfits to be relevant for different occasions. While this could be true in many cases flaunting a jumpsuit to almost any party is both appropriate and amazing. A jumpsuit can be styled in various ways to bend it to suit any occasion and hence a solid colored jumpsuit should always be in your closet. Jumpsuits are the little black dress of this recent times so don’t forget to own a pair. Walk in with a bottle of Andre champagne, and it is going to be one classy entrance into the party.

7. YOU CAN SNEAKER YOUR WAY: Of course, stilettos are the go-to footwear when it comes to the perfect party look. But sneakers are a fresh choice of footwear that fantastically match with various outfits both traditional as well as western. It provides comfort along with a bubbly look to your party outfit and hence is a must.

8. BOOTS: It is not always about adding some extra height, but mostly boots offer a very sexy and elegant look to pull off with various clothing. You can experiment around with boots of different lengths with multiple types of clothing to create a powerful and confident look. Boots are available in vibrant colors, carrying various designs and styles and each of these can match well with certain outfits to complete the look for your party. It makes a stunning first impression and will be a comfortable option to party all night without having to worry about sore feet or bruises.

9. KNOT AND TIE: If you are looking for a simple chick look to ace at a house party or a pool party then T-shirts and shirts can be a great way of creating them. Your boyfriend’s T-shirt with a side knot at the bottom is a breezy look to pull off that will also highlight your figure. Similarly, a tied up shirt at the bottom is a crop top kind of look that looks chic and fresh and can match well with high-waisted jeans, shorts, mini-skirts, palazzos, etc. to give a polished look.

10. A JACKET TO NAIL IT: No matter what your outfit is, the right jacket can merely help you pull it off with class. You can go for a slightly formal style with shimmery clothing or pick up hand-printed shrugs, cardigans, sweatshirts, etc, to finish up the top layer to your clothing. These create a bold and well-defined look that will bring all eyes on you.

Always load up on accessories in order to create various looks to the same set of clothing. Look for comfortable fabrics that are of good quality and sustainable. Silk, lace, cashmere, etc. are eternally classy choices that can help you create beautiful looks. Keeping your fashion A game is all about improvising on existing trends to make it more customized and unique to suit your style.

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